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    Villain from the Last Man Standing world.

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    Raised in the ghetto's of Romania little is known about Abaddon but he became the top of the gang world as both a pusher and a killer. Suffering from severe schizophrenia has turned Abaddon into an uncontrollable and moral-less killer with an appetite for violence. Abaddon eventually became leader of his own gang Cruce Salus. Armtech has done a lot to try and bring him in but his blood-lust and cruelty have made him nigh-impossible to predict and capture. During a raid Gabriel failed to capture Abaddon as he used women and children as human meat-shields to cover his escape. Eventually he was captured by Gabriel himself and was incarcerated in the level-9 facility. Which is where he met fellow inmate and future leader Dante. Abaddon now serves Dante as his bodyguard and right hand of the terrorist group PANDEMONIUM.

    Powers and Abilities

    Gabriel admitted that a fight between he and Abaddon would be very bloody thus it is safe to assume that Abaddon is indeed superhuman like Gabriel. Abaddon is a lethal close quarter fighter favoring throwing knives, machetes and anything else with a blade.


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