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    Abaddon is a demon in Judaism and Christianity.

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    Abaddon is in the book of Revelation as the "Angel of the bottomless pit" who rule over locusts that devastate humanity "not marked on the forehead with the seal of God." In Revelation 9:11 also figure identified as Apollyon or antichrist.

    Is the Destroyer, in the book of Revelation, the angel or star of the bottomless pit that chained Satan for a thousand years. They say it was the angel invoked by Moses to send the terrible rains that swept Egypt. The fact that is he who has the power to release the abyss creatures. Revelation 1:18 says: 'I became dead, but, look!, Alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and the Hades. "The angel speaking here is Jesus Christ, which sounds logical when you look at it is he who fights Satan and his demons.

    In many apocryphal books, Abaddon is considered a demonic entity, as the Angel of Death, where is a demon of the Abyss, a widespread belief, however, the script never mentions by name to any demon that their names are not relevant to writing as all of these are destined for destruction. In fact only mentioned his boss the Devil, whose name means "adversary" or "enemy" and that it is likely that it is not really a name if not an adjective. However, if relevant names mentioned prophecy, like the archangel Michael.


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