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The Ultimate incarnation of Prowler is Aaron Davis, the uncle of Spider-Man (Miles Morales). Originally partners with his brother Jefferson Davis, the two would commit various crimes in their youth. After briefly working for Nick Fury, Jefferson would later reform and marry Rio Morales, would continue his criminal activity, eventually assuming the identity of Prowler.


Aaron Davis was initially created as the Ultimate version Prowler, introduced by Brian Michael Bendis in the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

Major Story Arcs

Clash with Miles & Death

Aaron Davis is the uncle of Miles Morales and is also the Ultimate Prowler. He breaks into the abandoned Oscorp research facility to steal a package when a genetically enhanced spider crawls into his bag. Later on Aaron is visited by his nephew Miles. While over, the spider bites Miles on his hand causing him to faint. Aaron is forced to call his brother (Miles' father) who does not like the two hanging out. The brothers get into a heated argument while Miles runs away. Miles' father catches up to him and explains the details of him and his brothers past together. He reveals that he used to aid Aaron in his heists but left that life behind when he saw the good things he could have in his life. Aaron however, continued his ways. Miles goes to visit his uncle the next day and finds his apartment is completely emptied out.

Ultimate Prowler
Ultimate Prowler

Aaron is next seen in Mexico City meeting with a man called "The Scorpion". Scorpion's guards hassle Aaron who electrifies them with a device from the Tinkerer. Aaron was supposed to exchange an item he stole for some money but does not deliver his end based on Scorpion's disrespect of Aaron. Aaron stabs him in the chest with a knife which has no effect on Scorpion. While fleeing the exchange, Aaron is apprehended by Mexican police and thrown in jail. While in his cell, Aaron reads a newspaper article about a new Spider-Man back home.

After escaping prison in Mexico, Prowler returns home and approaches Miles, revealing he knows his secret. He then heads to the Tinkerer but finds Scorpion in his place. Aaron unloads with a pair of Vulture wings but Scorpion survives. Aaron flies off in fear and reaches out to Miles to help him in taking down Scorpion. The two fight it out until Aaron convinces Miles that Scorpion is a true bad guy and needs to be dealt with. Miles agrees to help this once and aids his uncle in taking down Scorpion. When Miles refuses to continue working with Aaron they battle it out. Aaron's tech malfunctions during the fight and explodes in his face, killing him.

Resurrection & leading a new Sinister Six

Years later, after Secret Wars, Aaron finds himself resurrected. Now looking to pull off a heist of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Aaron dons the identity of Iron Spider and forms a new Sinister Six in order to enact his plan.


Aaron Davis has no superhuman abilities, instead relying on the technical prowess of his suits and his hand-to-hand combat.

Other Media


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
Donald Glover as Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis appears in the first MCU Spider-Man movie, portrayed by Donald Glover (who helped inspire the creation of Miles Morales, and voiced the character on Ultimate Spider-Man). This version of the character is a criminal associated with the Vulture.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

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Aaron Davis appears as the Prowler in the film, voiced by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali.


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