Aaron Cole

    Character » Aaron Cole appears in 24 issues.

    Aaron piloted the Living Room while the Operative was on missions. He is the grandson of the Operative.

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    Major Story Arcs

    A Choice of Evil

    While on Sanctum Three, the South China Sea Base of The Operative, Aaron is flirting with Sky Alchesay, when Aaron's grandfather finds them. While Aaron and The Operative are arguing, they are attacked by some mutated sea creatures.

    Aaron and Sky seem to be holding their own when The Operative leaves to check on the Living Room, but an electric eel type creature sneaks up behind Aaron and shocks him. Aaron is barely alive when Aquaman arrives, but Sky's quick thinking pulls Aaron, Aquaman, The Operative and herself into Ghost Land.

    There Sky's adopted father Usan, agrees to heal Aaron, but he must stay in the Ghost Land, while Usan uses his magic.

    Later when The Operative, Aquaman, Prisoner of War and Sky return to the Ghost Land, Aaron is healed and ready for action.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aaron does not posses any metahuman powers but has some skills due to his training with his uncle, the Operative

    Skilled Fighter

    He possesses some basic knowledge of hand to hand combat.

    Good Physical Condition

    He is in good physical condition due to his uncle's training and insistence on always being prepared.


    He is also trained as a pilot and helps his uncle during their missions, providing escape routes from difficult situations.


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