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A + X #18 Review –“We All Have Our Flaws”


Shadowcat and Vision are inside a virtual reality from Murderworld while Cyclops and Captain America are trying to capture a doombot who caused all the Skrull accident at Latveria and hand him over to S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Good

I think the Shadowcat and Vision story had good potential to be great but it fell flat because it was too short. Shadowcat and Vision had good chemistry and good teamwork. It also had an interesting story that sort of tied to Avengers Arena. So, they could have expanded more with that if it wasn’t split up by this other really bad story. The art was pretty good throughout the entire issue and it had great use of colors and action.

The Bad

The Cyclops and Captain America story didn’t progress to anything better. It really ended in a bad note. There was no character development between them. It just went back to square one with them bickering and hating each other. So, they never get along and it felt unnecessary to tell this story. The only good thing in this story was just the art and the chemistry between Eva and Dr. Strange.


I give this issue a 3/7 out of 5/10 stars. The Shadowcat and Vision story had good story potential to tell a great story that could have tied into Avengers Arena/Undercover. It could have been a great marketing success if they would have just focus on that story. The Cyclops and Captain America story was very tedious with no character development. I honestly don’t understand why it needed to be told. It felt it was just there to run the issues by. At least the art was good to look at in this issue. But for a final issue I don’t see it worth picking up unless you are interested in that Avengers Arena tie-in. It’s really sad to see this series go with only two good issues in its entire run. It’s not even worth it for a trade. If they could have just focus on making good team up stories that lasted every four issues, it would have been a great series to pick up. Too bad it couldn’t live up to be.


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