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Well done.

Up for review here is A Very Zombie Christmas.  
I picked this up last week in the comic shop. Flipped through it quickly to make my decision. To buy or not to buy, that is always the ultimate question! It is in black in white, but the stories inside might actually be better off because of that.   
You get three mini stories in this comic: Unholy Night, The littlest Zombie Meets Santa, and You Better Watch Out.  
Unholy Night is a story from WW2. Zombie Nazis. Sure it's been done before. In a bad movie perhaps...But I have to admit. The writing/story is really top notch for this one. I also like the ending and how the kids react to the story.  
The Littlest Zombie Meets Santa is a cool story that leaves me wanting a bit more. Follow a child zombie as he goes out into the world in search of a meal. Too bad the meal is another child, and his would be attacker.  
You Better Watch Out is a story that follows a bunch of hoodlums as they plan a quick heist. In Santa garb no less. The only problem is the ring leader decides to kill off his cronies and keep the gold for himself. But will that come back to haunt him? 
This is a great comic and I hope you go out and pick it up. The artwork is really cool, and for me, you can't even tell it's in black and white once you start reading the great stories. A solid zombified 4 out of 5.

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