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A-Train is a super speedster who left Teenage Kix to join the super team the Seven after Homelander caused the death of Marathon when he failed to stop one of the planes from crashing during 9/11. A-Train first showed up after he caused the death of Wee Hughie's girl friend. A-Train was chasing after a criminal and recklessly slammed the superpowered criminal into a wall, in front of which Hughies girlfriend was standing, crushing her.Her death prompted Wee Hughie to go to work for the CIA team the Boys. The Boys monitor super heroes like A-Train who abuse their powers and punish, or even kill them if needed.

After the death of Lamplighter the Seven recruited Starlight to the team and A-Train picked her to immediately terrorize. He often has to be kept in check by Homelander who threatens him all the time for his actions and not wanting him to make the team look bad to the press. A-Train would always mess with Starlight when he could and he was one of the three super heroes Starlight had to give oral sex to if she wanted to stay with the team.

After some time he decided to take his torment too far after they had to clean up after the zombie Lamplighter and tried to rape Starlight however he was stopped by Starlight who used her light powers to blind one of his eyes. He tried to tell Homelander but he was in a bad mood and no doubt would have killed him.

At Herogasm he smoked a joint made of Queen Maeve's vaginal liquid that Jack from Jupiter brought. At some point they were very good friends. At the supes awards A-Trian burst in laughter when jack started cracking jokes on Uncle Dreams. When The Homelander's plan start to come to fruition, A-Train and The Deep decide to lay low for a while. A-train is then kidnapped by Butcher and brought to a rooftop. Butcher's intention is to goad Hughie into killing A-train.Hughie kicked his head off and killed him when after a recording of a conversation (which Butcher was playing back to him) mentioned the recruitment of Starlight. A-train did not realize what he had done to Hughie's life at the moment he died, because he was completely hysterical with fear.

Powers and Abilities

A-Train has super speed but very little control over his movement at high speeds and consequently may kill people and cause damage.


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