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Intelligent, loyal, and a ladies’ man, Templeton “Face” Peck is all of these things and more. In his issue of A-Team War Stories, Face is shown as a carefree wheeler and dealer. Having “appropriated” an engine for the colonel’s transport vehicle, Face is given a choice: Find a Ducati motorcycle or be reported for his misconducts.

The writing does a wonderful job of portraying Face’s character. He charms his way through different people and uses his wits when charm is not a viable option, but that is not the only thing readers will see. You will also see some of his doubts which begins to balance the character’s persona.

Artistically, the comic feels like the A-Team. Amidst the schmoozing there are the typical action and explosions with Face being the primary cause of.

Though enjoyable, The A-Team War Stories: Face is really for fans of the A-Team, primarily if you are a fan of the new movie starring Bradley Cooper as Face.
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