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The Next Generation of Avengers! Meet Speedball, Jubilee, Stinger and MORE on their very first mission together!

It is Kevin Masterson's eighteenth birthday. Jarvis summons the son of former Avenger Eric Masterson to give the young man his father's enchanted mace, Thunderstrike. As Kevin leaves, some large thugs try to steal the mace, revealing themselves to be literal monsters. Jarvis activates the complex's defenses, buying enough time for the reserve Avengers to show up.

Several heroes answer the call: Jubilee, Speedball, Jolt, Stinger and Mainframe. Zane Yama sees the bad guys outside and changes into J2 to lend the heroes a hand. All seems to be going well for the home team when Loki arrives, magically restrains the group and teleports them, along with Thunderstrike, into his lair.

While Loki is busy, Mainframe tells the others he is sure he can break free from his restraints. All he needs is a Kevin gives him one by running and grabbing the mace from Loki. There is a flash of light and stands transformed as the new Thunderstrike! Even with this new ally, the heroes seem to be overwhelmed until Kevin sends a blast towards the sky, which summons the mighty Thor.

The villains beat a hasty retreat and Thor returns the heroes to the Avengers compound. He comments that ten years is too long for earth to be without it's mightiest heroes. Mainframe agrees but several of the reservists see where this is heading. Jubilee must return to the Uncanny X-People, Speedball prefers working alone and Jolt is retired.

However, this still leaves four young heroes to be the new generation of Avengers!


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The Begining of a Saga 0

The story starts right in the middle of the action with a nice spread of A-Next battling Loki's army.  It's kinda cool to see Wolverine's plucky sidekick ordering around a team of heroes.  There's a quick flashback introducing us to our first main character, Kevin Masterson.  He doesn't seem like anything special at first.  Just the son of a superhero.  But that's where the questions that fuel the entire series start.  Eric Masterson is dead.  The Avengers have been disassembled.  Thor hasn't be...

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