A Man & His Cat #4

    A Man & His Cat » A Man & His Cat #4 - Volume 4 released by Square Enix Manga & Books on September 2021.

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    The kind and elegant Fuyuki Kanda has a lot of fans, not least of whom is his cat Fukumaru! Surprisingly, however, not everyone sees the gentlemanly music teacher in this light. Hibino, a rival concert pianist, detests Kanda and his genius at the piano. But when Hibino's fickle mother forces a cat onto her grown son, Hibino finds himself with a furry new houseguest and little idea of how to take care of her! A trip to the pet store seems like the place to get a clue, but while there, who should Hibino run into but Kanda! Will the duo of Hibino and Kanda turn over a new leaf in their acquaintance as they bond over the cats in their lives?!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 39: Cats On the Brain
    • Chapter 40: A Kind Voice
    • The Man Is A Cat Guru
    • Because You Call Me
    • Chapter 41: Welcome, Cat Friend
    • Chapter 42: The Day You Were Born
    • Hoarding Happiness
    • Fuku v Kanda Fish Fight
    • Chapter 43: Nocturne In the Sun
    • Chapter 44: A Lovely Night
    • Chapter 45: My Best Friend
    • Chapter 46: The Ultimate Rival
    • Chapter 47: The Beat-Up Maine Coon


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    Story Arcs

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