777 Tools of the Demon World

    Object » 777 Tools of the Demon World appears in 23 issues.

    777 Tools that demons use for a variety of purposes. Neuro Nougami uses a few of these in his cases to find the "Ultimate Mystery.

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    List of Tools

    • Evil Ampule - A needle full of potion that Neuro claims doubles the revolution speed of the neural transmitters in the user's brain, making them more intelligent.
    • Evil Badger - An insect with an unbalanced diet, it replaces the target's tongue and feeds on the victim's most disliked foods. The victim's breathing will stop if the insect ceases eating before it's done. Neuro explains different Evil Badgers have different tastes.
    • Evil Blind - Neuro engulfs himself and anyone else of his choice in an aura. This allows Neuro and Co. within a 10 meter radius to shift into a "lower resolution" of existence. Though used for investigations, this tool was used by other demons for killing, as indicated by Neuro.
    • Evil Butterfly - A strange little butterfly with human ears for wings which function as a hidden microphone. This is paired with a set of earphones shaped like a human face where the speakers are on the mouth. While this tool seems normal at first, the user actually risks having their head pierced though by the speaker which extends out like a drill when the face sneezes.
    • Evil Canceller - Neuro regurgitates a liquid (similar to vomit). Anyone it gets on becomes invisible. Though the wearer cannot be seen they may still be heard.
    • Evil Carpenter - A giant demonic construction worker with several man-sized workers sprouting from its spine. Neuro uses this tool along with Evil Mud to reconstruct the collapsed places in certain parts of the city during his battle with DR.
    • Evil Centipede - A tool that looks like a gigantic centipede made out of shoes. It is used to show how many times a person has stepped in a certain area by replacing their footsteps. The more they have stepped in the area, the darker the footsteps become. It appears normal people cannot physically see the effects of the tool, as Neuro had to put his hand over Yako's eyes for her to notice the footsteps.
    • Evil Chainsaw - Neuro's hand metamorphosizes into a miniature chainsaw to cut things, strange enough the tool is actually powered by a small creature running on a hamster wheel on the tip of the blade.
    • Evil Cocoon - A tool Neuro uses on Yako to give her a "different aura" around people. What Neuro tells Yako is a lie. It's actually an illusion tool to make it appear as though the user is a grotesque monster-like figure.
    • Evil Comedy - Neuro sends a hell bug to land on a person's face where it becomes a pair of demonic glasses that drill into the person's head making them think they are trapped on a giant spider web covered with bugs. While this is happening the glasses are invisible to everyone except Neuro and the victim who while in the illusion laughs uncontrollably.
    • Evil Drop - An eye drop that allows the user to shoot "Hell Beams" from their eyes that can even destroy a building. This tool was only explained and never used so it isn't known if it's power is true or if Neuro was lying about it. In the anime, this too wasn't even fully explained, it's effects only implied. Evil Drop was mentioned during the Histerrier case, and it is one of Neuro's attacks in Jump Ultimate Stars.
    • Evil Diversary - A Demon World battery filled with Neuro’s demonic power.
    • Evil Fiction - An insectoid accessory which is attached to the ear like an earring to portray someone as a character. However this only works for thirty minutes before the tool itself starts gnawing on the ear, crawling into the host to feast on their organs.
    • Evil Friday - Neuro reveals his demon-form face and spits out a large sphere made of eyeballs. The eyeballs detach and become sentient lifeforms. The eyes function like cameras and serve as extra eyes for Neuro.
    • Evil Full Face - Neuro sends out a demon head from his hair that acts as a smoke screen bomb to allow for quick escapes.
    • Evil Fumble - A bottle of potion that is supposed to be an even stronger version of Evil Ampule. Neuro used this to try to make Yako's classes harder by boosting her teachers' brainpower, but instead it hospitalized them
    • Evil Gauntlet - A pair of hands surface from the earth that will grab a person's legs rendering him uncapable to move.
    • Evil Illusion - Neuro uses a demonic umbrella to seal himself and his victim off from the rest of the world in another space so he can change and eat their "mystery" while projecting the illusion to anyone watching that nothing strange is happening.
    • Evil Insole - A creature like a shoe's insole that climbs into the interior bottom of a person's shoe and analyzes all the substance that is present in the shoe, right down to the DNA.
    • Evil Javelin - Neuro turns his arm into a halberd-like weapon and uses it to cut. In the Human World, Evil Javelin cannot cut or slice, instead it gathers the information and the contents of the objects it goes through.
    • Evil Lavender - Neuro's hand becomes something that resembles a purple drill, and is used to stab through objects. Once it has punctured the target, it will bloom into lavender flowers; upon closer inspection, the "flowers" are really small, demonic hands curved into the flower shape.
    • Evil Low Beam - Neuro creates small lenses on his fingertips which when looked into will burn an image into the victim's retinas so that whenever they open their eyes they will see it.
    • Evil Pressure - Out of Neuro's nape comes out a machine that sends a demonic electrical current that tears apart muscle and tendons.
    • Evil Rapid - A tool that is a demonic conceptualization of a steam train, it can reach mach speed in one second, with the G-forces tearing up a human body in the process.
    • Evil Reflector - A microphone-like device when activated opens a women's head within a mirror shell, then hexagonal mirror discs begin floating all around Neuro. Anything that flies towards the discs will be reflected back in the opposite direction with same force and same speed.
    • Evil Script - Neuro removes his glove and his hand becomes cybernetic. He can use this cybernetic hand to reach into objects like computers and retrieve information physically by grasping it.
    • Evil Shooter - A spring-like rope resembling a spinal cord covered with skulls. Neuro uses the tool like a slingshot to send Yako away during the first part of his battle with Sicks and XI.
    • Evil Stalker - An insect that Neuro uses to keep track of people; functions as a tracking device. Neuro keeps one on Yako and Godai to track their movements.
    • Evil Station - Not really a tool but more a game system from the underworld that projects "solid images" (you can feel them but they are really not there) making the game 3D for the player. If turned off too quickly, some residual images may remain. Neuro demonstrates a dating-sim game using this tool, though it produced holograms of tortured monsters (the Demon World's version of dating-sims).
    • Evil Sticker - A small sticker that is placed on a fingertip; the closer the user is to their objective the stronger the finger will stick up. Neuro placed it on Yako's middle finger when she went looking for Godai, causing her to unintentionally give Godai the finger when she finally found him.
    • Evil Stole - Neuro takes off his blue suit coat and puts on a black jacket. The longer he stays without moving, the more energy he regains by scraping together and absorbing bits of demonic power in the air. Used for 'life or death' situations.
    • Evil Stringer - A figure with a drill on the bottom that punches a hole into the head of a victim. It is then transformed into a "Bat" with a thin bass without strings, so instead it uses the nerves that drilled out from the victims head to play. Once tightly stung, with its wings the bat then plays screechy music directly into the victims head. This process of torture however, cannot be seen by bystanders.
    • Evil Surfacer - One of Neuro's odder tools, it takes the form of a small robot-like creature with a jetpack and a bottle in its mouth. Neuro does not mention its ability, but it is implied the tool coats the intended target with a shiny surface and prevents the target from being destroyed.
    • Evil Surronder - A capsule ball which breaks into little seeds. When the seeds attach to a surface, a plant from hell that feeds on metal will grow instantly to protect its territory.
    • Evil Taster - A demonic tongue-cover that switches the wearer's taste around, making sour foods taste sweet, bitter foods taste spicy, and vice-versa. Neuro uses this to punish Yako when she planned to enjoy herself at a restaurant while he was starving for mysteries.
    • Evil Time Machine - A demonic tongue-cover that switches the wearer's taste around, making sour foods taste sweet, bitter foods taste spicy, and vice-versa. Neuro uses this to punish Yako when she planned to enjoy herself at a restaurant while he was starving for mysteries.
    • Evil Torture - A weapon that resembles a set of wings that attach to Neuro’s back. It consists of two pairs of wings. The first pair serves to prevent the opponent from attacking and the second pair penetrates and tears the opponent's flesh from within, though it will not harm the vital organs. Evil Torture senses what the user (Neuro) wants to do most, and acts accordingly. Neuro states Evil Torture is one of his favorite tools.
    • Evil Window - Neuro summons a demonic window in the sky that when opened will release a beast from hell

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