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    The Infinite Crisis has ended; the world mourns the passing of Superboy. But where are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman?

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    Follow this link to the comic maxi-series list of covers and issues '52.'

    This event is the filler-in of the missing year when the One Year Later event took place. It often brings up the number 52 within its stories in every imaginable circumstance, concluding with their being 52 Universes.


    Week 50 of 52 is planned to cover the events of World War III.

    The four tie-ins that DC plans to release the same week, hopes to clarify the mysteries of what transpired between the Infinite Crisis and the "One Year Later" series.

    3.The DC Nation column in Week 37 reveals in a coded message that states: "the secret of fifty-two is that the multiverse still exists". The message is spelled out using the first letter of every third word.

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    The epic follow-up to Infinite Crisis-starring the superheroes of the DC Comics universe.
    Earth's greatest protectors-Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman-have vanished. The cities of Metropolis and Gotham are overrun with criminal activity both on the streets and behind the closed doors of powerful corporations as villains take advantage of the absence of superheroes.
    In their place stand the veteran and rookie heroes they inspired. From popular media personality Booster Gold and the enigmatic Question to the mysterious vigilante Batwoman and the secretive Supernova, these heroes are the only ones who can turn the tide against a vast conspiracy of evil determined to take control of the planet.
    This is the story of one year without the world's greatest superheroes. Twelve months. 365 days. 52 weeks.
    • Written By: Greg Cox
    • Publisher: Ace Trade (July, 2007)
    • ISBN-10: 0441015077
    • ISBN-13: 978-0441015078

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