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The Story: 

The Four Horsemen of Apokolips thought to have been destroyed, rise in the ruins of a ravaged nation. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman meet the challenge head on.

My Thoughts: 

This six issue mini-series is spinning out of the huge event 52. Keith Giffen who was the breakdown artist on 52, takes the writers seat for this comic. Giffen focuses on the aftermath of the event by bringing back the Four Horsemen. The only reason I picked this up was because it involved Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. The Four Horsemen do nothing to provoke my interests or curiosity. In fact they seemed rather boring. The story lacks excitement even with DC's big three. At times I felt like Giffen's characterization was a little off for them. Not way off but you don't get the same feeling when reading their solo series. Add that to the fact that the story seemed to drag on much longer than it needed to and you're likely to fall asleep while reading this. 

The art is by Pat Olliffe who does an outstanding job. Pat Olliffe also contributed to 52 as well. The coloring by Hi-Fi was superb. Ethan Van Sciver drew five out of the six covers and if you're familiar with him, you know he's an extremely talented artist. His covers were simply awesome. 

This really isn't an essential read. You could easily skip this and not be lost in DC's continuity. It's just another unnecessary spin-off mini-series that fails to procure any true purpose. I would save your money and buy something else that you'll want to read more than once. 

Rating: 2/5

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