52 #9

    52 » 52 #9 - Dream of America; The History of the DC Universe, Part Eight released by DC Comics on July 6, 2006.

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    Week 9, Day 1.

    Steel crashes Luthor's party in search of Natasha Irons, his niece. When Steel attacks Luthor, Luthor's very own superhero team comes to his rescue. Natasha is among the six members of the team, and throws her uncle off Luthor. Natasha then punches Steel through a window and fights him on the ground below, revealing her newly created superpowers. Steel tries to talk some sense into Natasha and tell her that she is a fool to think that Luthor would grant her powers so easily. Natasha wants none of this, and uses her powers of light to defeat her Steel, who is in his new stainless steel form.

    Another Planet.

    Animal Man, Adam Strange and Starfire have been trapped and tied up or caged in a cave. They have been captured by Devilance the Pursuer, a giant hunter who is the 'god of the pursuit.' His only purpose is to hunt. Starfire realizes that the entire planet is just a trap created by Devilance. Animal Man comes up with a plan. When Adam Strange's jetpack distracts Devilance, Buddy temporarily blinds Devilance using powers absorbed from wasps, and Starfire takes away the giant hunter's lance. The three get away, but Devilance continues to pursue them. Adam Strange reasons that there has been a contract put on their lives, and that every bounty hunter in the universe is after them.

    Week 9, Night 1.

    Gotham City.

    Question, in a disguise, finds Renee Montoya in a bar. He tells her that he has answers for her, and beckons her outside. There he tells her that Gotham City is being targeted by Intergang, with a red-headed Batwoman listening from the rooftop.


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    Looking for Dixieland 0

    The story here switches back again and focuses on again only three stories.  The main one here is really the brawl/conflict between John and Natasha.  With her now on Lex's team of superheroes this leads the two into direct conflict, now more as adversaries as opposed to quarreling family members.  The second story explores a bit more clearly what is happening to the space based adventurers as they find a way to escape both their captor and potentially the planet.  Finally Renee comes back face-...

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