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    52 » 52 #8 - Thief; The History of the DC Universe, Part Seven released by DC Comics on June 28, 2006.

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    Week 8, Day 1.

    Metropolis. Steelworks.

    Natasha is working late into the night on a new powersuit for herself. Her uncle, Steel comes in and tells her to get some rest. Natasha asks him if will make her a suit of armour or let her get the metagene therapy to give her superpowers - but Steel rejects both.

    As Steel flicks on the TV, a hole burns through his shirt and he finds that the skin on his chest has turned to steel.

    Star City.

    Green Arrow uses a trick arrow to stop a shopowner, who was overcharging his customers, from catching a thief. Ralph Dibny is with Ollie, and reveals that he has "lost a taste for gingold" and so has no more superpowers. Star City is in disarray, and the Green Arrow is having a hard time keeping it safe on his own. Dibny is in Star City hunting for the Cult of Connor. Arrow and Dibny find a deserted shrine in a back alley, and Dibny explains that the Cult believes that they can bring the dead back to life.


    Steel has gone to S.T.A.R. Labs, showing Kala how his skin is slowly turning to stainless steel. Steel and Kala realize that Lex Luthor must have injected him with some form of his metagene therapy, which either triggered Steel's metagene or infected him with one.

    Week 8, Day 3, 4, 5.

    A new superhero arrives on the scene, teleporting people in danger to safety.

    Booster Gold is not at all happy with this new development. His reputation seriously tarnished, Booster resents being shown up by this new hero.


    Natasha Irons finds out that her uncle has received Luthor's metagene, and decides that her uncle, who forbade her from doing so, is a hypocrite. When the armor Natasha has been working on breaks, she confronts her uncle angrily.

    Another Planet.

    Adam Strange and Animal Man search for Starfire and find her trapped in a net. Soon they both fall into traps, and into the hand of a mysterious gigantic entity.

    Week 8, Day 7.


    Crowds are lining up to get superpowers through Luthor's metagene therapy. The candidates all swear to do anything that Luthor tells them if only he'll give them superpowers. "Slaves." says Luthor to his assistant, Ms. Graves. "And they're all mine..."

    Lex Luthor discovers Natasha Irons among those waiting for superpowers, and immediately approves her, making her the first candidate of the day.

    Week 8, Night 7.

    Natasha Irons is connected to Luthor's metagene machine to gain her own superpowers.



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    Pulled away from the brink 0

    Like much of the rest of the series by this point instead of following too many divergent plotlines here the action focuses on only three.  In the first Green Arrow and Ralph journey to a location in Star City which is a temple for the Cult of Conner.  In another John and Natasha continue to feud over her role and his mentorship leading to her making a drastic decision.  Finally the heroes trapped in space have a new threat to deal with (though it is not entirely revealed.)  This was a well done...

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