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    52 » 52 #7 - Going Down; The History of the DC Universe, Part Six released by DC Comics on June 21, 2006.

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    Week 7, Day 1.

    On another planet. Adam Strange asks Animal Man and Starfire for help in repairing a spaceship to take them back to Earth. Animal Man and Starfire, however, are pessimistic and refuse to help. Adam Strange decides that they have been drugged by the fruits they've been eating and Starfire becomes aggressive. When she calms down she decides she must go and clear her head.

    Week 7, Day 2.

    Gotham City. Renee Montoya tries to figure out the significance of 520 Kane St. and realizes it's leading her straight to an old flame, Kate Kane. This issue is the first appearance of Kate, who is revealed in issue 11 to be the second Batwoman.

    Week 7, Day 3.

    Ralph Dibny visits Booster Gold in search for the Cult of Connor. Booster is too distracted by Skeets and his own personal troubles to be of any use. Ralph Dibny realizes that Skeets has historical data of everything from the 25th century back, and attacks Booster Gold, demanding "why hell didn't you warm me my wife was going to die?" Booster pleads ignorance, and Dibny leaves in disgust, accusing Booster of only being able to think of himself and telling him that Metropolis needs a superhero not a "celebrity pitchman."

    Gotham. Renee Montoya reaches the Kane mansion and is admitted to see Kate. It turns out that Renee and Kate were once lovers who got into a serious fight and left on unamiable terms. After a spat, Renee asks Kate if she knows anything about 520 Kane St., and though Kate doesn't know anything she agrees to help Renee find out more.


    After extinguishing a massive fire, Booster Gold is confronted by Manthrax in front of the press. Manthrax reveals that he was being paid by Booster to pose as a villain. The cheque with which Booster paid Manthrax bounced, and the actor decided to take revenge, revealing Booster to be a fake. The press and Ralph Dibny quickly jumps on Booster, accusing him of being a fraud and staging publicity stunts, rather than being a real hero.

    Another planet. Starfire, exploring the planet, comes across a giant metal lance - and it's gigantic humanoid owner.


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    The fruit is changing you 0

    To be completely honest this issue succeeded as one of the main stories gave some resolution to Booster's showmanship approach to superheroics.  He is basically called out in front of a group of people as to the real source of his actions, and more specifically by Ralph Dibny who was upset about booster's lack of consideration to warn him about Sue's death.  This conflict of characters really cemented this issue, though it was noteworthy also for its introduction of the new Batwoman.  Also the t...

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