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Never as harsh

Again instead of divergent paths in and out of this series, this issue focuses on only three.  The first deals with Hal Jordan and John Stewart who are pursuing Evil Star into China, where they meet resistance in entering, and eventually from Black Adam who has become an ally of the Chinese.  The second shows the second meeting between Magnus and Morrow, and shows a small complication in there correspondence.  The third deals with Booster Gold. I am not sure how exactly how the first part of the story fits into the whole, though I am sure it does, but the second part where he searches professor Hunter's laboratory answers a few questions but poses a lot more.  In comparison to the other issues in the series thus far this issue seemed to be a bit of a step back, focusing more on action than on plot, but was still an entertaining enough read.  The backup story deals with Donna Troy explaining the history between the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the beginning of Zero Hour.  

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