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    52 » 52 #6 - China Syndrome; The History of the DC Universe, Part Five released by DC Comics on June 14, 2006.

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    Week 6, Day 1.

    It is revealed that Booster Gold has been paying an actor to play a supervillain, Manthrax, so that Booster can defeat him on television. Booster pays Manthrax handsomely and gives him some stock advice before heading off to find Rip Hunter.

    In China, Green Lanterns John Stewart and Hal Jordan are fighting a group of Chinese superheroes. The Great Ten are revealed to be a superhero team created to protect China, and are trying to expel the Green Lanterns because they are violating Chinese airspace. The Lanterns struggle to hold their own against Immortal-Man-In-Darkness, Socialist Red Guardsman, Thunder-Mind, Celestial Archer and August General in Iron, with Mother of Champions, Accomplished Perfect Physician and Ghost Fox Killer running things from afar.

    The Lanterns reveal that they are in China for Evil Star, who is involved in extraterrestrial weapons trading. The Great Ten refuse the Lantern's help and authority.

    Haven. Will Magnus and Dr. T.O. Morrow discuss the disappearance of more scientists. A shadowy, round figure has surveillance installed in Morrow's room.

    China. The Lanterns manage to break through the Great Ten's defences and capture Evil Star. Hal tells John to take the prisoner away and that he'll hold the Great Ten back. At that moment, Black Adam appears and punches Hal, revealing that Kahndaq, North Korea, Myanmar and China have joined a coalition. Any attack on one of those countries constitutes as an attack on all of them, and Black Adam threatens to dispatch the Lanterns if they don't leave. The Lanterns fly into Russian airspace, where Black Adam and the Great Ten cannot touch them.

    Week 6, Day 2.

    Booster Gold enters a compound in Arizona where he believes Rip Hunter to be. Skeets must stay at the door to keep it open, so Booster goes in alone. Booster finds a room full of scribbles and photos, specifically one of him with arrows pointing at it proclaiming "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT."



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    Again instead of divergent paths in and out of this series, this issue focuses on only three.  The first deals with Hal Jordan and John Stewart who are pursuing Evil Star into China, where they meet resistance in entering, and eventually from Black Adam who has become an ally of the Chinese.  The second shows the second meeting between Magnus and Morrow, and shows a small complication in there correspondence.  The third deals with Booster Gold. I am not sure how exactly how the first part of the...

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