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    52 » 52 #52 - A Year In The Life released by DC Comics on May 2, 2007.

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    The end is near! As the year races towards its close, we follow our heroes through their final steps in space - and time! From the mean streets of Gotham to the far reaches of deep space, the last weeks tick down to their shattering conclusion. World War III is just the beginning! Plus, more origins of the DC Universe, including the JLA with Ethan Van Sciver and Batman with Andy Kubert! These final issues feature art by Darick Robertson, Eddy Barrows, Joe Bennett, Justiniano and more.

    Week 0, Day 0


    As Booster and Rip escape from the newly transformed Mr. Mind, they find themselves in-between worlds, and also within the time-stream. Among them are scores of different Universes, which Rip explains signify the birth of the new Multiverse. They've traveled one year into the past, just after Alexander Luthor recreated the multiverse, then collapsed it again. Apparently, the remaining energy created by this massive manifestation outpoured into the time-stream, and created 51 new Universes, not including New Earth. Every one of these Universes and Earths are identical in every way. Soon, all the Earths will be perfectly aligned, all occupying the same space, on different vibrational planes. Rip explains that when Red Tornado witnessed the birth of this new Multiverse, he created a map which they need in order to navigate through the different worlds. They're going to have to travel between all these Universes if they plan on saving them from Mr. Mind, who plans on feeding off of them for all of Eternity. Suddenly, Mr. Mind appears, and regurgitates the Phantom Zone at them. However, out of nowhere, Supernova leaps in front of the blast and deflects it, sending the Phantom Zone elsewhere. He boards the Time-Sphere, joining Rip and Booster. Gold is rightfully confused by Supernova's presence, having believed himself to be the masked hero. Supernova removes his mask, revealing hismelf to be Daniel Carter, Booster's ancestor. Rip saved him from the endless 52-second loop that Mr. Mind trapped him in almost a year ago, and outfitted him with Supernova's specialized costume. Rip's part of the deal was that he would bring him back to his home in Pittsburgh. However, Hunter goes back on their deal, saying that they still need somebody in Supernova's costume due to it's special capabilities.

    As the trio try and stay ahead of Mr. Mind, they find that he's beginning to alter his own vibrational frequency, effectively changing Universes. Rip has Red Tornado match the frequency, and they follow the monster to Earth-17. Mind begins to devour the Earth's history, changing entire events and altering centuries of time. Before he can finish, Booster, Daniel and Rip Jump to Earth-3, where they find the Justice League. Suddenly, Mr. Mind arrives, and starts absorbing history once more. He is stopped abruptly, changing the League into the [[Crime Syndicate of Amerika:char:41531]]. They Jump once more, drawing Mind through all manner of different Universes. Earth-10 becomes the home of the [[Freedom FIghters:char:40383]], Earth-50 houses the [[Wildstorm Universe:char:41583]], and Earth-5 becomes the world of the Marvel Family and other Fawcett creations. Earth-22 is eventually lead into the events of [[Kingdom Come:char:41641]], and Earth-2 holds a variation of the Justice Society, where Superman and Power-Girl are missing. We also witness Earth-4, which becomes the world of various Charleton heroes, including the original Blue Beetle and the Question.

    Eventually, Booster and co. draw themselves and Mind back into the Multiverse, where they must make their last stand. Before they initiate Rip's plan, he plays the Carters a simulation of what the Multiverse will look like if Mind wins. A terrible vision is shown to them, scores of "Hyperflies" (Mind's spawn) feeding off of the energy of the collective Multiverse, leaving all of creation in a mindless darkness for all time. Booster suddenly feels the weight of his responsibility coming down on him, and begins to doubt Rip's choice in him. Rip tries to reassure him, but to no avail. Having let down Ted Kord, and allowing his only remaining friend, Skeets, to be destroyed, Booster feels that he's simply destined to fail. Suddenly, Skeets' remains fizzle and light up, and he utters what words of esteem he can to Booster. Gold, now endowed with new faith in himself, formulates a plan. Rip needs an energy source, and Booster knows right where to find it. He turns on his time travel circuitry, and goes back even further. After he disappears, Rip confides in Daniel that this moment is the beginning of something seen in the future as the beginning of Booster Gold's "Glory Days", and the dawn of the Megaverse. Rip then departs himself, leaving Daniel in charge of the Time-Sphere as he goes to retrieve the last thing they need to defeat Mr. Mind: Suspendium, artificial time.

    Elsewhen, Booster arrives at the penultimate moment of the original Crisis finding Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Ted is looking for his Scarab, and asks Gold for help. Booster uses this as one last chance to talk to his old friend, and to finally say goodbye. The two joke around a little, and then Booster departs after finding the Scarab, and keeps it for the needed energy source. He arrives back at the Time-Sphere, along with Rip, and the two put their plan into motion. Booster plugs Ted's Scarab into Daniel's Supernova costume, so they can draw Mind to its power.

    "Light up the whole damn sky, Daniel! This one's for the Blue and the Gold! Saving the Universe one more time! Over here, Ugly! THIS WAY!"

    In the enormous flash of energy, Rip brings the team back to his bunker in the desert, pulling Mind with them. Red Tornado closes the Time-Locks isinde the bunker, locking them there temporarily. Rip outfits Skeets' hull with the Suspendium he retrieved, and instructs Booster to trap the now smaller Mr. Mind within. Booster is reluctant, but Skeets tells him that he'd rather go out saving the world than letting it die. Booster says one last goodbye, and traps Mr. Mind. Rip opens a portal, and tells them that they must hurl the shell at a high velocity in order for the Suspendium to hold him, so Booster does what he does best. Telling Daniel to "Go long", Booster throws Skeets with his best arm, and Daniel chases it through the time-stream.

    Week 2, Day 1


    Booster asks Will Magnus for help fixing Skeets, but Mr. Mind can be seen opening Skeets' hull, and taking root. Daniel flies past this moment, chasing Skeets.

    Week 1, Day 6


    Mr. Mind is shown trapped in his prison at Dr. Sivana's, watching Skeets with Booster on television. Daniel and Skeets fly by, with Daniel finally getting hold of him.

    Week 1, Day 1


    Daniel spikes Skeets into the middle of a desert, causing it to explode, and reverting Mr. Mind back to his original state. Dr. Sivana finds him, and puts him in the tube where he waits to enter Skeets' body weeks later.

    When Daniel arrives back at the Bunker, the trio celebrate the end of the epic battle, and the salvation of the new Multiverse, but not before they mourn their losses. Rip surprises Booster though, when he reveals that he copied Skeets' mem-self onto a responsometer which Dr. Will Magnus can fix. Booster is grateful, but still expresses worry about the new state of the Multiverse, so many histories broken. Hunter explains that this is how it shuould be, not broken, but opened. Creating an entire Multiverse of possibility, everything unique from one another.

    Week 52, Day 6


    Checkmate H.Q., the Swiss Alps

    Checkmate reorganizes in order to find Teth-Adam.

    Steelworks, Metropolis

    John Henry Irons and Natasha Irons conclude that the Infinity, Inc. that spawned from the Everyman Project are long gone.


    Teth-Adam retrieves the Amulet of Isis.

    The Department of Metahuman Affairs, Washington D.C.

    Agent Diana Prince strives with the DMA to find Black Adam.

    Golden Rule Preschool -- Sheffield, Alabama

    A fiery pit opened in the middle of a preschool classroom, resulting in the children drawing several horrific drawings, possessed by some outside force. The Ghosts of Ralph and Sue Dibny can be seen at the site, beginning an otherwordly investigation into the matter unbeknownst to the staff.

    The Home of Dr. Will Magnus

    Magnus manages to successfully copy Skeets' mind into a brand new body, but without memory of the last year. Booster and Skeets become reacquainted, and Booster begins to tell him what he missed.

    Week 52, Day 7


    Gotham City

    Kate Kane recovers from her stab-wound at the hands of Bruno Mannheim, and reveals that she was brought to the hospital by the new Question, Renee Montoya. Across the city, Renee removes the question mark from Jim Gordon's spotlight, and replaces it with a Bat Signal. She turns it on, and shines it at Kate's building. She mutters to herself,

    "I have a question."

    "... Are you ready?"



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    The extra sized roundup to the events of the year away from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  After the last issue there is only really one plot thread to really deal with to its conclusion here, that being the manipulation of the time stream and the attempt by Booster and Rip all along to stop the influence of Mister Mind.  This goes to some strange places, namely the multiverse, which is handled pretty well despite the fact that I find it is kind of a hard topic to make really engaging.  The...

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