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    52 » 52 #47 - Revelations; The Origin of the Teen Titans released by DC Comics on March 28, 2007.

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    Week 47, Day 1 & 2, Nanda Parbat

    Batman seals himself in darkness for seven days as Robin waits for him. Tim talks with Diana and is unsure of how things are affecting Bruce. He says that after the cult "removed" his demons, he's gotten worse. He feels that perhaps the demons were all he had to protect him.

    Day 2, Gotham City

    Bruno Mannheim is unhappy that the sacrifice is not working. He is troubled that the "twice-named daughter," Batwoman is still alive. They figure that "Cain" must be her name. Batwoman is one name and Cain must be the other. If they can match someone of her description with the resources to be Batwoman, they'll have no problem getting her.

    Day 3, Oolong Island

    Black Adam is still being tortured. Will Magnus is having trouble concentrating over his screams. He sits and ponders over a new Metal Men creation. When he activates it, it says, "Crush. Raze. Trample." Mercury and Tin pop out of his shirt pocket and beg him to turn it off. Will does.

    Day 4, Space

    Animal Man is learning how to use the power of the sun-eaters. When he asks his saviors why they helped him, they tell him he is in Space B. From there he can access any point in space or time and give him a glimpse of one month in his future. He sees his wife, Ellen, but she appears to be with another man.

    Day 5, Metropolis

    Beast Boy continues to try to convince Natasha to join the Teen Titans as she tests out a new suit. She declines because she is working with John. They are starting a new organization, Steelworks. They want to be able to offer help to those that need it.

    Day 6, Gotham

    In Gotham City, Renee goes to Katherine Kane's penthouse. She finds the place torn apart. Shocked and saddened, Nightwing appears in the window and tells her that she's been taken and the two of them are going to bring her back.

    Day 7, Nanda Parbat

    Diana recieves wisdom. After seven days, Bruce emerges from the sealed cave. He has a smile on his face.


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    Became the dragons 0

    For an issue meant to move along the overall plot as opposed to making some great plot twists, this succeeded where other have faltered a little.  I have to say that in saying so that I am a little biased.  When Tim is shown at the beginning in Nanda Parbat I thought it was Talia that he was talking to, but that wasn't Talia.  The rest of the issue though is a pretty good rendition of the internal struggles of a couple of famous heroes and a new path for couple of other less famous ones.  At the...

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