52 #46

    52 » 52 #46 - Mad Science; The Origin of Batman released by DC Comics on March 21, 2007.

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    Week 46, Day 1

    On Oolong Island, the scientists prepare for the arrival of Black Adam. All of their defense measures fail to stop him. After fighting different robots, androids, and other mechanical defenses, Black Adam finally enters the base. A group of villains all fire upon him at once. Together, they manage to defeat him. Throughout all this, Morrow wins the online bid over a piece of art that uses parts of the Red Tornado.

    Day 3

    In Metropolis, Lex Luthor is being taken into custody after being considered a flight risk while waiting for his trial. Somehow, Clark, who is reporting the event, suspects something is wrong. He calls Steel and the Police Chief as they run inside Lexcorp. He leads them to a lead lined room and Steel busts down the door. Lex is inside eating a sandwich. He claims he wasn't aware today was the day he was to be taken. Apparently he hired Hannibal to shape-change into him as he was taken into custody.

    Day 4

    In Bialya, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Wildcat are searching for survivors after Black Adam's tirade. Jay says he isn't able to find any. Alan's ring tells him there are over two million dead. They begin to blame themselves for letting Black Adam get out of hand since he was part of the Justice Society. Then Atom Smasher arrives. He says that Checkmate has brought him to them and he wants back in the Justice Society. He says he wants to help find Black Adam.

    Back up story by Waid and Kubert.


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    Destruction of will 0

    So close to the end of the series and it loses a fair piece of momentum here.  For the third straight issue this one focuses primarily on a battle involving Black Adam, this time against the scientists on Oolong Island.  This is built up to for about the first half of the issue but then doesn't really deliver.  There is some interesting exchanges between certain scientists, but the climactic battle fell a little flat.  Elsewhere the end state of the Luthor Everyman project seems to be at hand, b...

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