52 #45

    52 » 52 #45 - Every Hour Wounds, the Last Kills released by DC Comics on March 14, 2007.

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    Week 45, Day 3

    In Kahndaq, the funeral for Isis and Osiris takes place. The Marvel family serve as pallbearers and try to some comfort to Black Adam. As they fly away, Renee Montoya looks on. She speaks with Black Adam. She wanted to see if there was anything she could do for him. Black Adam is surprised by this. She says she knows what it's like to lose someone, to feel guilt for surviving, and shame for not being able to prevent it. Outraged, Black Adam grabs her by the face and says she presumes too much as in a friendship that isn't there. Renee replies that Isis was her friend and he lets her go. He tells her to worry about her own problems with Intergang and to go home.

    Day 4

    In Bialya, the President speaks to Bruno Mannheim. He is concerned that the remaining Horseman, Death, has been given aid because Intergang has bought their support. He is also concerned that Black Adam will soon be there now that the funeral has ended. Manheim simply says, "Nice Knowin' ya." Just then, Black Adam crashes through the window. Black Adam begins tearing his way through the soldiers.

    Word soon gets to the Pentagon and then to the President. He orders the embassies in the surrounding countries to be closed. Alan Scott and Mr. Terrific know that something needs to be done to stop Black Adam, before the Bialya is completely wiped out. Amanda Waller tries to convince Atom Smasher to try to talk to Black Adam. He refuses to play any part of her plans.

    Day 5

    Black Adam continues his search for Death in Bialya.

    Day 6

    In China, the Super-Functionaries prepare to deal with Black Adam now that he has declared war on the world, in their eyes. They have spent months studying him. Finally with casualties in the millions, Death has grown stronger with the death of every man, woman, and child. He now decides to confront Black Adam. Black Adam tells him that he is no longer Death. Black Adam is now. He grabs Death and utters "Shazam." A bolt of lightning strikes him. With Death weakened, he says it again. He tells what remains of Death that he will answer every single question he asks such as where he came from, then he is going to spend the rest of the night ending his life.

    Day 7

    On Oolong Island, the scientists are concerned that Black Adam will discover that they created the Horsemen. Dr. Sivana is overjoyed and says for Black Adam to "Bring it on!"


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    As opposed to the majority of this series thus far which has been focused around numerous plot lines in a single issue, for the second issue in a row here, this focuses pretty much solely on a Black Adam action sequence.  There are a few cutaways to elsewhere, various military commands around the world and a meeting by the Chinese superheroes as to how to deal with this threat, but the story is centered around Adam essentially invading Bialya by himself looking for the last of the horsemen and r...

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