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    52 » 52 #43 - Family Matters; The Origin of Plastic Man released by DC Comics on February 28, 2007.

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    Week 43, Day 1

    Osiris wishes his powers were gone. He feels the trouble in Kahndaq is due to his killing a man. He goes to the Rock of Eternity along with Sobek. He finds Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Mary Marvel there. As he asks for Captain Marvel to take his powers, Black Adam and Isis arrive.

    Osiris blames Black Adam for Kahndaq's suffering and punches him. The Marvels restrain them so that they do not cause more damage at the Rock. Marvel Jr. tries to hold back Osiris. As he hits him away, he also hits his sister. Shocked, Osiris agrees to accept the gift and to not turn his back on his family.

    Day 4

    It seems Animal Man has been saved. Unfortunately he does not have much time left to breathe in space. The space dolphin traveling with Lobo is getting to be too far for his powers to mimic. He searches out with all his might and is able to locate some sun-eaters.

    Day 5

    Osiris is making plans to leave. He still cannot live with what he has done. He merely said what Black Adam and Isis wanted to hear from him. Sobek suggests simply saying "Black Adam" to relinquish the powers. As he does, he falls to the floor, unable to walk in his human guise. As Sobek goes to him to seemingly assist him, he gets a look in his eye. He chomps down on Osiris as he tries to utter "Black Adam" once more. After another bite and a bloody mess, Sobek states that finally, he is not hungry anymore.

    Patrick "Eel" O'Brian's story is told.


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    Tell it to the rock 0

    For the second issue in a row this is absolutely fantastic.  Osiris has made a plan to visit the Rock of Eternity to visit Captain Marvel in order to be rid of what he thinks is the curse he has brought upon Kahndaq.  There he meets the Marvel Family who are only partially receptive to his requests, but when Black Adam and Isis intervene they determine that things can be saved by working together.  Elsewhere Buddy is momentarily saved before being stranded in space once again, but on the verge o...

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