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    52 » 52 #4 - Dances with Monsters; The History of the DC Universe, Part Three released by DC Comics on May 31, 2006.

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    Week 4, Day 1.

    Gotham City. Renee Montoya is into her third week of surveillance on an abandoned building on Kane Street.

    In space, astronauts sent to search for missing superheroes are told to go home. Halo, who has the power tto detect and manipulate subtle radiation, scans for teleportation waves. Halo says she senses a Zeta frequency trying to come in, and the astronauts immediately decide that it is Adam Strange traveling back to Earth.

    In Metropolis, Booster Gold and Fire are having an argument. Bea (Fire) wants Booster Gold to join a rescue team to find the missing superheroes, but Booster is more interested in endorsement deals and himself. Bea burns a hole through his door in her anger.

    Week 4, Day 3.

    Back in Gotham, Question turns up to check on Renee's progress, only to find that she has seen nothing.

    In Metropolis, Steel is hallucinating about the example he is setting for his niece, Natasha by setting aside his life as a superhero. Feeling ill, Steel stumbles and falls, grabbing onto a machine to steady himself. Rather than stopping him, however, the machine melts on to his skin, covering him in steel.

    Week 4, Day 4.

    Ralph Dibny has agreed to go through the ritual to bring his wife back to life. Cassie Sandsmark and the other members of the cult of Superboy submerse him in a pool of holy water until he almost passes out, but he sees nothing.

    Week 4, Day 5.

    Renee has dozed off in her car when something passes by and enters the building. Renee jolts awake and rushes into the building, where she is joined by Question. The two stumble upon a trap door and fall through into the basement, where they find a giant creature carrying crates. Renee and Question fight the monster. Renee stumbles upon a crate full of futuristic weaponry, which she uses to dispatch the creature.

    Week 4, Day 7.

    The missing superheroes beam back to Earth, but they're no longer what they used to be. Hawkgirl is gigantic, Alan Scott is bleeding from one eye, and Cyborg and Firestorm have fused together.



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    In terms of the overall story here, this issue sort of takes a step back.  It is not that there is nothing happening, in fact there is quite a lot, however, the issue seems to be focusing more on the buildup of plot as opposed to performing an early knockout punch.  With 48 more issues to go though this makes sense.  This issue focuses more on Renee than anyone else as her surveillance as sponsored by the Question finally pays off.  Elsewhere the heroes return from deep space via a Zeta Beam and...

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