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    52 » 52 #37 - Secret Identities; The Origin of Firestorm released by DC Comics on January 17, 2007.

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    Week 37, Day 1.


    The bottle city of Kandor is under attack. Skeets has found Supernova and Rip Hunter, who are hiding in the Kryptonian city. Supernova goes out to confront Skeets, and unmasks himself as - Booster Gold! Booster Gold, who everyone though was dead was actually Supernova, the superhero he had pretended to detest.

    Booster reveals that he had known what Skeets was up to for weeks, and that he had orchestrated the entire thing to get him off his trail. Rip Hunter revealed that he had the solution, but needed Booster to help him gather materials for his device. Booster realized that he couldn't get the things he needed together when he was under the constant surveillance of Skeets, so he faked his death with the help of Hunter's time travel capabilities.

    It turns out that Booster and Hunter were trying to build something that could beat Skeets, and took advantage of the advanced technology of Kandor to do so. Rip Hunter appears and reveals that the device he came up with comes from Superman's Phantom Zone Projector, and attempts to suck Skeets into the dreaded Phantom Zone. Skeets, however, is too powerful for them and devours the zone and all of its inhabitants, who peers out from Skeet's visor. With no choice left, Hunter and Booster flee, with Skeets in hot pursuit.

    Week 37, Day 4.

    Star City.

    Hal Jordan, Black Canary and Green Arrow are trying to repair the devastated Star City. Black Canary has taken some time off of the Birds of Prey to learn some new skills in the East, and asks Ollie to accompany her. Ollie says he would, but only if they can stop and search for Ralph Dibny on the way. Canary reveals that everyone has been searching for Ralph, but no one can find him and she leaves alone.

    Week 37, Day 5.

    Lobo presides over the funeral of Animal Man, who perished in the battle with Lady Styx. Once the service is over, Lobo, Starfire and Adam Strange leave Animal Man on a hunk of drifting space rock and continue on their quest to get back to Earth. As soon as they leave, however, Animal Man wakes up, screaming "Don't leave me!!!" into the empty space that surrounds him. Suddenly, two yellow aliens appear before him, saying "and so it begins."

    Plus: The Origin of Firestorm with Jamal Igle


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    Looking high and low 0

    This could be said to be one of the key issues of the entire 52.  For those that have been following closely and read the clues right, they might have seen this coming as there are two fairly large plot developments here.  The first is given away somewhat by the cover, though it doesn't do justice to what happens inside as the true story of what Booster and Rip have been up to is revealed.  The other twist occurs in deep space in a twist that was maybe easier to see coming.  Either way the story...

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