52 #36

    52 » 52 #36 - How to Win a War in Space; The Origin of Power Girl released by DC Comics on January 10, 2007.

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    Week 36, Day 3.

    Lobo brings his chained prisoners - Animal Man and Starfire - before the fearsome Lady Styx. Styx is feasting from a great vat of blood and offal, her face stained red and dripping.

    Styx tells Lobo that she will pay no bounty, and that she will take the information she needs directly from the nervous systems of the prisoners, melting them down into the biomass she consumes. Styx's zombified servants attack Animal Man and Starfire, while Lobo refuses to rescind his vow of nonviolence.

    Fishy, however, tells Lobo that Lady Styx is calling him a coward, which sets the psychotic serial killer off. Lobo attacks and kills the zombies, but is taken down by Lady Styx. Just in time, Adam Strange blasts through the window of the spaceship and the Emerald Head busts in.

    Styx grabs onto the head and is dragged out into space where it explodes. Lobo is just fine, but Animal Man has been injured. Buddy, foaming at the mouth, asks Starfire not to let him come back as a zombie and dies.

    San Diego, Earth.

    Ellen Baker, the wife of Animal Man, finally cries for her husband.

    Week 36, Day 5.

    St. Luke's Hospital - Gotham City.

    Renee Montoya sits by Question's bed. Question is raving and delirious.

    Renee receives a passage from Nanda Parbat. It turns out to be yet another flower from Aristotle Tot, which turns to powder the second she opens the box. The flowers, which have amazing curative properties, simply cannot survive outside of Nanda Parbat.

    Week 36, Day 6.

    Gotham City.

    Renee decides to take Question to Nanda Parbat, despite the protestations of Batwoman. Renee, stocked up on morphine, loads up a plane with supplies and Question and leaves on a final desperate quest to save her friend's life.


    Osiris laments the fact that the entire world now sees him as a murderer. Sobek tries to console his friend.

    Week 36, Day 7.

    Rip Hunter and Supernova are in the bottle city of Kandor. Hunter is attempting to build a device to fix the flow of time using a variety of artifacts - including the staffs of the Starmen, Lithor's Kryptonite gauntlet, Shadow Thief's Dimensiometer and more. Supernova reveals that Skeets has been searching for them, but that he feels they will be safe in Kandor for now.

    Plus: The Origin of Power Girl with Adam Hughes


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    A coward and a sell-out 0

    This is another strange issue and more so that this series is getting closer to the end.  There is a decent amount of action here, but really what is more important here is the plot developments which kind of come in spurts here.  The opening battle sequence inside the ship of Lady Styx is well handled especially the steps leading Lobo to join the battle.  Back on Earth, Renee decides she must do more for Vic to save and sets off on another journey and Supernova and Rip Hunter are working in sec...

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