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    52 » 52 #34 - Suicidal Tendencies; The Origin of Zatanna released by DC Comics on December 27, 2006.

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    Week 34, Day 3.

    The Suicide Squad ambush the Black Marvel Family after Osiris' first day with the Teen Titans. Just as Osiris is musing on how much good they can do now that the world trusts them, Atom Smasher becomes gigantic and knocks the Marvels out of the air, grabbing Black Adam in one massive hand.

    Atom Smasher tells Black Adam that he needs to turn himself in for all of the murders he has committed, but Black Adam retaliates. Black Adam takes out Atom Smasher, but is begged by Osiris not to kill Plastique and the Electrocutioner. Persuader and Count Vertigo attack Isis, who is rendered helpless and almost has her head cut off by Persuader's axe until... Osiris flies in to save her and flies directly through Persuader's body, sending blood and guts flying everywhere.

    Osiris is shocked, and falls to the ground in tears, not believing that he, who has fought so hard to be seen as good, has committed murder.

    Unfortunately, the footage of the fight and murder was on live television, as well as recorded.

    Week 34, Day 4.


    Infinity Inc.'s Matrix, Starlight and Jade are on a shopping trip with Ms. Graves. They are also being watched. When Grave's credit card is rejected, she fears there has been a security breach, and splits the team up. Natasha (Starlight) is sent down the back way with a female police officer who turns out to be Black Canary. With the help of Oracle, her uncle Steel managed to orchestrate it so that they could talk.

    Steel tells Natasha that Trajectory's death was not an accident, and that Luthor can turn off the powers of those who went through his Everyman Project.

    Week 34, Day 5.


    Lex Luthor has captured Clark Kent. He injects Kent with a truth serum and asks him a single question, is Supernova masquerading as Superman? Quite easily, Kent responds that he's not Superman.

    Week 34, Day 7.

    Gotham City.

    Question is admitted into the hospital, where he is put on a morphine drip to ease his terrible pain.

    In Metropolis, Luthor's Everymen fill the skies to celebrate New Years Eve. Luthor, with an ominous remote control on his hand, counts down to zero and presses the red button.

    Plus: The Origin of Zatanna with Brian Bolland


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    Poisoning the Air 0

    After a couple of slower issues the pace picks back up here with some more engaging storylines.  In the first one the Suicide Squad ambushes the Black Marvel family and decent battle sequence follows.  More so than only using the plot here for just a battle there is more going on, as can be expected in this series.  The rest of the issue focuses on either Gotham or Metropolis as there are developments in both the Everyman project and between Renee and Vic.  While the story is not much more well ...

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