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    52 » 52 #33 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year; The Origin of Martian Manhunter released by DC Comics on December 20, 2006.

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    Week 33, Day 4.

    The Flash Museum.

    Central City.

    Dibny and the helmet of Dr. Fate are in the Elongated Man room of the Flash museum. Dibny is looking for an item, but it's not on display, so he sneaks into the storage room. In Dibny's pocket is the pistol titled "Anselmo Case."

    Week 33, Day 5.

    Gotham City, Cathedral Square.

    Alfred Pennyworth is leading a children's choir in Chrismas caroling. In from of a giant Christmas tree, the children spread joy and Christmas cheer. On a rooftop, Batwoman watches and is joined by Nightwing. Nightwing gives her a present wrapped in red and green. Batwoman opens it and finds a real batarang and she is rather impressed.

    Week 33, Day 5.


    One of Luthor's scientists tells him that a one of his Everymen is on the brink of death. Luis Dominero became severly allergic to his metagene and fell into a coma the first time he powered up. Luthor tells him to contact the publicity department, and goes to visit Infinity Inc.

    Luthor presents each of his Infinity Inc. members with a Tanahashi, a quarter-million dollar car. Infinity Inc. gets so excited that they rush out to see their new wheels without even thanking Luthor, who is a little put out.

    Luthor receives a chart from his assistant which tells him that he cannot go through the Everyman process because his DNA simply will not accept the treatment. Luthor, however, has hope. A scientist rushes in to tell Luthor that the dying boy, Dominero, is going to pull through and Luthor has a coldhearted reaction - "something inside the boy opened the door to the possibility of genetic adaptation. Do a full organ harvest and a spinal drain on Luis, draft a glowing obituary, and have his parents compensated for their tragic loss." It truly is a merry Christmas for Luthor now, with the hope of being superpowered finally before him.

    Gotham City.

    Question and Renee are spending Hannukah in Batwoman's apartment. A delirious Question comes out of his room and mistakes Renee for an old flame, Myra. Question babbles on jibberish and Renee weeps over the state of her friend.

    San Diego, California.

    Animal Man's wife, Ellen Baker, stands in he doorway and blows a kiss to the stars. "Happy Christmas, Buddy. Come home."

    Clark Kent and Lois Lane kiss under the mistletoe.

    Firestorm gives Cyborg a wrench for Christmas.

    Ollie gets a trick arrow for Christmas.

    Fire is on the phone.

    Guy Gardner uses his ring to make a green light menorah and Santa Claus sleigh with reindeer.

    Ren Tornado's head spends Christmas in a scrap heap.

    The Batcave is empty.

    Hawkgirl appreciates a pair of crutches given to her by Dr. Mid-Nite.

    Hal Jordan gets a green tie from some children.

    Commissioner Gordon has a "Welcome Back" party.

    In space, Animal Man, Adam Strange, Starfire, Lobo and the Emerald Head reach Vega.

    Week 33, Day 6.


    Osiris has convinced the Black Adams to show the world that they have changed, and now fight for good. Osiris, Sobek, Isis and Black Adam fly into Rockefeller Square and onto a stage. There, in front of a large crowd which includes Beast Boy, Raven, Alan Scott, Wildcat and Jay Garrick, Black Adam pleads his case. To show that they are serious, all three transform back into their true, human forms - Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian man, Isis is Adrianna, a normal woman, and Osiris is Amon, a crippled boy.

    Belle Reve Federal Prison.

    A new Suicide Squad, lead by Atom Smasher, is assembled in order to take the Black Marvel Family down.

    Plus: The Origin of Martian Manhunter with Tom Mandrake


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    In keeping with the somewhat real time nature of 52, this issue deals with Christmas as it was released around this time.  Coincidentally even though I am reading this a few years later after its release I am reading this in December, so it does not seem as out of place.  Really though seeing as so much of 52 is an homage to the history of the DC universe, this issue could be seen to be an homage to the Christmas issues and Christmas specials.  There is not as much happening here, but at the sam...

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