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    52 » 52 #32 - Seven Days In Nanda Parbat; The Origin of Blue Beetle released by DC Comics on December 13, 2006.

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    Week 32, Day 1.

    Ralph Dibny and the helmet of Dr. Fate reach the outskirts of Nanda Parbat. Dibny finds a mystical amulet in the snow, and they are attacked by a giant yeti. The yeti is about to go ape on Dibny when a musical whistle stops it in its tracks and causes an avalanche. Dibny is engulfed in snow, but can see a shadowy figure in the mist.

    Dibny is levitated into the gates of Nanda Parbat by a member of China's Great Ten, the Accomplished Perfect Physician.

    Week 32, Day 2.

    San Francisco. Titans Tower.

    The Teen Titans are holding an open membership call at the Titans Tower, and it is full to the brim with recipients of Luthor's metagene therapy. Suddenly, out of the sky, come Osiris and Sobek, his anthropomorphic crocodile friend. Osiris asks Beast Boy, Raven and Captain Marvel Jr. if he can join the Teen Titans, but is asked to leave. Captain Marvel Jr. tells him that the reputation of Black Adam is too evil to trust Osiris and his powers, even though he has been doing a great deal of good lately. This greatly hurts Osiris, who was hoping to make friends. Captain Marvel Jr. tells Osiris that if he can convince the world of the newfound goodness of the Black Marvel Family, he'll help Osiris join the Teen Titans.

    Week 32, Day 3.

    Animal Man and Adam Strange argue as Lobo scrounges through the remains of one of Lady Styx's ships for supplies. Animal Man wants to stop Lady Styx, but Adam Strange doesn't want to risk it.

    Week 32, Day 4.

    Nanda Parbat.

    Ralph Dibny wakes up in a bed in Nanda Parbat, where he's been sleeping for three days after the yeti attack. Dibny reveals that he's gone to Nanda Parbat to see the patron goddess, Rama Kushna, to ask her about bringing his wife, Sue, back to life.

    The Accomplished Perfect Physician enters the room and reveals that the yeti is one of his men, Hu Wei, who discarded the amulet which kept his power in check and ran wild. The A.P.P. used his magical whistling abilities - which can both heal and destroy - to stop the yeti, but he wants Dibny's help in tracking it down and putting its amulet back on.

    Dibny and the A.P.P. go back into the mountains in search of the yeti, and soon find it. The A.P.P. distracts the monster, and Dibny is able to slip the amulet onto it, returning the yeti back to its human form. As soon as he is done his task, a monk comes to tell him that Rama Kushna will see him.

    Dibny is led into a sacred chamber, where the giant female face of Rama Kushna addresses him and tells him there is no death, that it is an illusion, but disappears before giving Dibny all of the answers he needs.

    Week 32, Day 7.

    Dibny and the helmet of Dr. Fate prepare to leave Nanda Parbat. They say goodbye to the A.P.P. and go on to seek more answers.

    Plus: The Origin of Blue Beetle with Cully Hamner


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    This issue is not intended to be as much about action but rather to move along the plot lines.  Most of the focus here is on Ralph Dibny as he travels to Nanda Parbat to seek answers as to how to bring Sue back.  For this series there was a fair amount of superfluous action as Ralph and one of the residents of the city must battle the abominable snowman before Ralph can get his answers.  In deep space the three travelers discuss a plan to stop the alien threat to their homeworlds and at Titans T...

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