52 #31

    52 » 52 #31 - Human Resources; The Origin of Robin released by DC Comics on December 6, 2006.

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    Week 31, Day 1.

    Captain Comet is attempting to protect a planet from the Stygian Passover. He sends out a distress signal using his tele-thoughts to a distance of five lightyears, but cannot stave off the zombie-like invaders. Infantryman Jodd tries to help Captain Comet, who tells him to go to his girlfriend and tell her how much he loves her - sensing the end of the world.

    In a house-turned-shelter, two Green Lanterns introduce themselves and say that they were sent to investigate the disappearance of the Lantern of Vengar, also know as the Emerald Head. The Lanterns alert Oa to the situation on the planet. The Guardians of Oa decide that there is nothing they can do, and decide to recall the Lanterns. The Guardians reveal that the menace "arises from the eternal pit beyond the gates of spacetime itself. It uses void technology to power its weapons and contaminates all flesh it encounters."

    Giant white cubes land in the outerspace city, causing devastation. Everywhere people are being dragged away and taken into large factories where they are cut up, tortured and contaminated, then made soliders of the leader - Lady Styx. Captain Comet is being strapped onto a table, devices of torture levelled at his face by the zombie warriors of Styx.

    Week 31, Day 2.

    Metropolis - Infinity Inc. Dormitory, LexCorp Tower.

    Nicki Jones approaches Starlight. She tells Natasha that she's concerned about Everyman, and how he's been spying on her as she exercises. They are soon joined by Skyman, who jokes that Everyman might have been rooting through Sierra's garbage for toenail clippings he can use to transform into her. Skyman reveals that Everyman can transform into anything - as long as he eats a part of it first. Disgusted and creeped out, Sierra runs away. Skyman (Jake) and Natasha kiss, and Natasha leaves. As soon as she is out of the room, Skyman transforms - revealing that it was Everyman (with an evil expression on his face) in disguise.

    Week 31, Day 3.


    Cassie Sandsmark stands in front of the statue of Superman and Superboy when she is surprised by the helmet of Dr. Fate and Dibny. Dibny reveals to Cassie tha the Cult of Connor was a hoax, lead by a psych-ward refugee with a history of fraud. Cassie says that she realized it was a scam after the leader split, and apologizes to Dibny. Dibny tells Cassie that though the leader was a fraud, the cult may have been on to something and that Sue Dibny did live again, for only a few moments. Cassie tells Dibny that Superboy is also back, in the guise of Supernova.

    Week 31, Day 4.


    Ralph Dibny meets with Supernova and reveals that he isn't Superboy, as Cassie thinks he is. Dibny asks Supernova to tell Cassie, but Supernova refuses and flies away.

    Week 31, Day 6.

    Captain Comet's planet is now thoroughly devastated. The last remaining Green Lantern only has moments of power on his ring and asks the Guardians to help him. The Guardians refuse to send back-up, saying that they can't risk it, and shut down the ring, leaving Lantern Xax to die.

    Xax tries to protect Jodd's girlfriend, but she is found and killed by Jodd himself.

    "Believe in her!"

    Captain Comet, with almost all of his skin removed, is tacked to the outside of one of Lady Styx's spacecraft and sends his final plea for help before he dies;

    Week 31, Day 7.

    The now zombified girlfriend of Jodd brings Lady Styx a Green Lantern power ring, which the Lady devours with a satisfying "KRUNCH."

    Lobo, Animal Man, Adam Strange and Starfire get their first glimpse of Lady Styx's fleet.

    Plus: The Origin of Robin with Freddie E. Williams II


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    The action here switches mostly back to the two of the regular stories running throughout here, but throws another interesting twist in.  Three of the main storylines are tied in together here as they are all happening in Metropolis, first with Ralph facing Cassie and then later Supernova, and the secondly with kind of creepy development in the Everyman project.  It is the space based action which is the most interesting though as Captain Atom is trying to save an unnamed planet from being overr...

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