52 #30

    52 » 52 #30 - Dark Knight Down; The Origin of The Metal Men released by DC Comics on November 29, 2006.

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    The issue starts out with a recap of the history of Batman and Robin, chronicling their start, the death of Jason and the shooting of Barbara. It shows the darkest moments of Batman's life, and how he has simply lost it.

    Week 30, Day 1.

    Nightwing and Robin are tracking Batman through a Middle Eastern country. The duo fight off some guards before discovering Batman's costume abandoned in some bushes.

    Week 30, Day 1.

    Gotham City.

    Question has gotten worse. Kate Kane and Renee talk as a doctor examines and sedates the ailing detective. The doctor tells Renee that Question will soon be getting bouts of delirium and declining moments of lucidity, and that he should really be admitted into a hospital. Renee decides to take him to the hospital the next day, and Kate allows her and Question to stay in her apartment as long as they like.

    Renee goes into Question's room and finds him awake and lucid. He doesn't have the strength to talk, so she sits by the foot of the bed of her dying friend and meditates.

    Nightwing and Robin interrogate the guards and find out that Batman has gone into the empty quarter. Robin discovers crates of weapons, and that these people are associated with Intergang and the Crime Bible.

    Robin and Nightwing part ways, Robin continuing on his search for Batman and Nightwing returning to his work in Gotham.

    Week 30, Day 3.

    Bruce Wayne is travelling through the desert, with a mysterious voice calling his name. Suddenly a man with eyes on his fingers appears, reminding Bruce that the ceremony he was about to perform almost killed him years ago. Bruce wants to go through with it, saying that his "soul feels back" and he feels sick, he's lost his resolve. The Ten-Eyed Man attacks, saying that he will cut out Bruce's demons. Bruce defeats one, and many others appear, wielding swords and telling him the will not surive.

    Robin finds Bruce alone in the desert and asks him if he wants a hand. Bruce reveals that the Ten-Eyed Men have cut out his demons and that Batman is no more.

    Week 30, Day 7.

    Batwoman is once again fighting Intergang's were-beasts looking for Bruno Mannheim. Nightwing appears just in time to help her out and flirt with her, not knowing that her interests lie in a different direction. Batwoman and Nightwing fight off the creatures and introduce themselves, splitting up Gotham to patrol.

    Plus: The Origin of the Metal Men with Duncan Rouleau


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    Not your type 0

    I have to say that I was initially ambivalent about seeing Bruce Wayne show up for this issue, and after having read it I can say that this is one of the weirdest Bruce Wayne stories I have read.  Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, because this series has built itself into somewhat of a success by departing from what we know of certain characters, but also because it there is a bit of a loss of connection to the mainstream DC universe.  That having been said even though it was some kind of ...

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