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    52 » 52 #29 - Name Calling released by DC Comics on November 22, 2006.

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    Week 29, Day 2.

    Morning in New York.

    At the JSA headquarters, the remaining heroes are putting down their equipment. Alan Scott drops his lantern and Jay Garrick puts down his winged helmet.

    "This is it?"

    "This is it."

    Alan Scott, Wildcat and Jay Garrick decide that the JSA has reached it's end. Wildcat wants to go down fighting, rather than fading away "like the old farts they're callin' us."

    Outside, the Thanksgiving Parade is going in full force. Luthor's everymen are flying everywhere, and Infinity Inc. is flying in front of a balloon of Lex Luthor.

    The JSA feels that Luthor's Infinity Inc. have no right to use the name, and the names of former Infinity Inc.'ers as their aliases. Luthor bought the rights to Infinity Inc. and the names of its superheroes, and though Mr. Terrific tried to stop it legally, there was nothing that could be done. Wildcat is afraid that that Luthor's superheroes fight with no heart and no moral compass, and so are a danger to themselves and others.

    Outside, the newest member of Infinity Inc. is being introduced - "She was a graphic arts student from the San Francisco Art Institute. Before the wonderful miracle of the Everyman Project she was Nicki Jones... But today we'd like you to meet Jade!"

    A ripple of disbelief goes through the JSA. The original Jade is the deceased daughter of Alan Scott. Suddenly, Obsidian, Jade's brother appears. He is extremely angry at the development, distraught that his sister's name would be sold to become a corporate symbol of Lex Luthor. Alan Scott tries to calm his son down, but Obsidian crashes through the window and attacks Jade. The members of Infinity Inc. try to protect their teammate, but are no match for Obsidian's shadowy powers.

    Jade accuses Obsidian of being crazy, and only Alan Scott can stop the fight. Scott blasts his son and forces him to stop, asking him if this is what his sister would really want. Scott then launches into a lecture to Infinity Inc. about how they don't know where their names come from and don't respect the legacies they carry. Nuklon especially takes offence to this, and tells Scott how hard his family had to work to get him there and how he knows where his name comes from - but will do a better job with it than his predecessor.

    Scott and Obsidian fly away, leaving a visibly shaken Jade.

    Week 29, Day 2.

    Afternoon on Oolong Island.

    The mad scientists are having a Thanksgiving feast, with Dr. Sivana using a chainsaw to hack through a mutant quadruple turkey. Everyone is spattered in meat, but all are having a jolly good time - except Will Magnus.

    Magnus slips away, and is follow by Veronica Cale. Magnus tells Cale how much he wants to leave Oolong Island, and how he doesn't feel that what they're doing is right. Cale, on the other hand, mercilessly hits on poor Magnus.

    Back in the dining room, Sivana is still hacking up the turkey when Chang Tzu/Egg Fu arrives. Chang Tzu incinerates a guard for calling him Egg Fu, and then confronts Magnus on his progress with the Plutonium Man. Magnus says that it's going slowly, but Chang Tzu knows that he hasn't been working on it at all. Cale reveals to Chang Tzu that Magnus won't build it because he's taking antidepressants, much to the chagrin of Magnus. Chang Tzu takes away Magnus' medications.

    New York.

    Jay Garrick and Wildcat part ways. Jay leaves for Thanksgiving Dinner at Bart's and asks Wildcat if he'd like to go along. Wildcat lies and says that he's got plans, and when the scarlet speedster is gone brings out some alcohol and sits in the dark of the former JSA headquarters/

    Week 29, Day 3.

    Metropolis: The Steelworks.

    Doctor Mid-Nite, Doctor Avasti and Beast Boy discuss Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. Avasti goes to check on Steel, and it is revealed that his stainless steel skin is peeling off. Steel realizes that there is no reverse therapy for Luthor's metagene, but that the powers have an expiration date.


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    Pretty interesting issue overall here.  The JSA have gathered for a Thanksgiving meal with only three in attendance - Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and WildCat.  As they discuss the way things have been going they notice a Lex Luthor sponsored parade outside their building with the new Infinity Inc.  When Obsidian shows up things do not get any better, especially with the appearance of a new Jade.  On Oolong Island the scientists have gathered for their own meal but it doesn't end well for Doctor Morr...

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