52 #28

    52 » 52 #28 - Beyond the Black Stump; The Origin of Catman released by DC Comics on November 15, 2006.

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    Week 28, Day 2.

    Question and Renee use an improvised batsignal to call Batwoman. Renee and Question rushed from Nana Parbat to Gotham in order to warn Kane about the prophesy about her in the Crime Bible. Batwoman arrives.

    Week 28, Day 2.

    An aboriginal settlement in Australia. Government authorities try to move the Aboriginals out of their town so that it can become a Ridge Ferrick Uranium mining development. Suddenly, a young Aboriginal boy brings out a remote control giant robot with Red Tornado's head. The boy uses the robot, still repeating '52,' to beat up the authorities. The robot even develops Red Tornado's powers, whirling his arms around to create cyclones. At this point the Aboriginals decide they must stop it, and the village and the authorities destroy it and sell it for salvage. The Aboriginal boy, Johnny, is arrested and Ridge-Ferrick takes the land.

    Week 28, Day 2.

    Lobo, towing Animal Man, Adam Strange and Starfire in their ship, race to escape a giant green skull shooting laser beams.

    Week 28, Day 4.

    The travellers are hiding from the skull creature in a debris field.

    Week 28, Day 5.

    Gotham City.

    Batwoman is crushing a giant anthropomorphic lizard creature, saying "so much for your prophecy." She's beating up another Intergang lackey in a cathedral when Bruno Mannheim appears and shoots her with a futuretech weapon. Bruno grabs the disabled Batwoman by the throat and tells her that the prophecy will come about, and he will own all of Gotham.

    Suddenly Renee and Question pop up from the pews, Renee levelling her gun at Mannheim. Mannheim tosses Batwoman at them and escapes.

    Week 28, Day 7.

    The travellers are hiding from the Emerald Head in a giant skeleton. Lobo reveals that they are being pursued because the Emerald Head wants its Emerald Eye back - an item that is in Lobo's possession. Suddenly the Head is upon them, and it takes the combined powers of Lobo, Starfire and Adam Strange to ward it off. Suddenly the head begins to speak and plead for help. Starfire approaches it and finds that it has the Green Lantern insignia, and that the head is actually the vessel of the Lantern of Vengar. The Lantern was left powerless after the eye was stolen, and was defenceless against a catastrophe called the "Stygian Passover." The passover destroyed the planets under the Lantern's protection, and caused the Lantern to go a bit crazy.

    Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man realize that their way home lies with Lobo, which means that they will be heading in the same direction as the Stygian Passover.

    Plus: The Origin Of Catman with Dale Eaglesham.


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    This is a decent enough issues, though for the greater part of it, there is the feel of a more traditional comic book with mostly a bunch of fantastical things happening.  The battle in outer space comes to an unexpected point a couple of times and the action in Gotham is short and to the point though still with enough weight.  More interesting was the part at the beginning with the Red Tornado android fighting off the miners who have come for the uranium lying underneath the town.  All in all a...

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