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    52 » 52 #27 - The Past Best Hope; The Origin of Black Canary released by DC Comics on November 8, 2006.

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    Week 27, Day 1.

    The helmet of Dr. Fate brings Ralph Dibny to the Spectre, and this first magical task. Dibny tells Spectre that he is willing to pay any price in order to bring back his wife, and Spectre sets him on an impossible task. Dibny is taken into deep space, where the mad god Eclipso was placed into solar orbit by the Shadowpact it order to nullify her evil sorcery.

    A twist of fate, however, has made it so that Eclipso inhabits the body of Jean Loring - the woman who murdered Dibny's wife, Sue. Spectre wishes to punish Jean, but cannot do it without a host body - and so asks Dibny to donate his own and avenge Sue. Dibny accepts, and takes Spectre's power. Dibny confronts Eclipso, and the two disappear.

    Week 27, Day 2.

    Waverider is confronted by Skeets. Waverider accuses Skeets of splintering the historical mainline, but Skeets reveals that it was the Luthor from the parallel Earth that started it. Skeets demands that Waverider tell him 'when' Rip Hunter is, and it turns out that Skeets has been taking out time travellers like Time Commander and Clock Queen if they refuse to help it. Waverider refuses to help, and Skeets neutralizes him.

    Nanda Parbat.

    Question has given the Crime Bible to Aristotle Rodor to study. Renee is worried about Question and his constant coughing. Renee reveals that none of the therapies Richard Dragon and Aristotle try on Richard - teas, acupuncture, massage, pills - are helping Question, and she fears that he is getting even sicker. Renee asks Question when he quit smoking, and receives the reply "not soon enough." It turns out that Question has lung cancer and has known for seven months. Question reveals that he hasn't got long to live, and leaves Renee absolutely shocked and upset.

    Later, Aristotle brings up a certain passage of the Crime Bible which references the "devouring" of "the heart of the twice-named daughter of Cain." Renee makes a quick connection between that and Kate Kane, especially after seeing an illustration of a devil plucking out the heart of a woman who looks suspiciously like Renee's ex-flame and the new Batwoman.

    Week -84, Day -2.

    Dibny and Eclipso teleport back in time and into Dibny's house. Dibny struggles with the mad goddess, and manages to transform her back into her true form - Jean Loring. Dibny has brought Loring here to watch, over and over again for eternity, how she murdered Sue Dibny. Loring pleads to be let go, but Dibny wrestles her upstairs, where an oblivious Sue decorates a birthday cake. He holds Loring so that she must watch every gruesome moment of it. Dibny is so overwhelmed by the horror of it all himself that he teleports them both back, and fails his mission.

    He asks the helmet of Dr. Fate to get him away from here, and Dibny decides that there must be better ways to bring his wife back than dealing with the Spectre. Dibny and the helmet leave for Nanda Parbat.

    Plus: The Origin Of Black Canary with Howard Chaykin.


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    Deep space denying 0

    So where did this come from?  After a couple of issues of sort of a loss of momentum the series comes back strong here with three engaging storylines.  In the first Ralph makes a deal with the Spectre in which he can get Sue back, but he must find a way to punish Jean for her crimes.  In the second story Skeets is tormenting Waverider for not admitting where to find Rip Hunter.  In the third story the heroes assembled in Nanda Parbat discover a threat to Gotham that no one could have foreseen.  ...

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