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    52 » 52 #25 - Liminal Times; The Origin of Nightwing released by DC Comics on October 25, 2006.

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    Week 25, Day 1.

    Gotham City.

    Bruno Mannheim is trying to establish a new world order of crime, and wants to take Gotham as his capital city. Mannheim is meeting with a group of supervillains and giving them an ultimatum - either affiliate with Intergang and swear on the crime bible or die. The bible is made from the stone Cain used to kill his brother Abel, committing the first murder in all of history. Mirage hesitates and Mannheim crushes his head into the stone book over and over until he is dead. In his boardroom lay villains both murdered and still alive, Mannheim preaches the words of Intergang and the crime bible to them and those who accept it live. Mannheim proclaims that Gotham belongs to him now.

    Week 25, Day 3.


    It's Halloween, and as little children are trick-or-treating, Sabbac, king of the devils, runs amok. Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior try to fight him off, but it is Isis, Osiris and Black Adam who defeat Sabbac. The trio fly off with a "Happy Halloween, Judeo-Christians!" causing a group of superhero suit-clad children to want a change of costume.

    Week 25, Day 3.


    The helmet of Dr. Fate has lead Ralph Dibny into the realm of damned magicians and magic-users. The helmet shows Dibny the twisted and tortured bodies of many who abused their magic, and rot in hell for it. Last of all, the helmet leads Dibny to Felix Faust, an evil sorceror who fought the JLA on many counts. Faust sold his soul many times for magical knowledge until it finally became useless, so he murdered a little girl for her soul. Neron, to whom he tried to sell the soul, immediately saw through the trick and put him at the mercy of the ghoulish owner of the soul. Faust's soul is trapped in a magical hell for eternity, withering away.

    The helmet lead Dibny here to show him what can happen to those who abuse magic and do not respect its rules and boundaries. Dibny accepts the lesson, and prepares to make his first magical bargain for information.

    Week 25, Day 3.

    New York City.

    Icicle and Tigress are foiled in a bank robbery attempt by Luthor's Infinity Inc. Skyman, Everyman, Starlight, Nuklon and Fury quickly subdue the pair, and call on their newest member - a teleporter named Matrix, to finish them off. Matrix is the replacement for Trajectory - a lovely redhead with a southern accent who arrives on the scene to great applause.

    Closeby, Alan Scott meets with Mr. Terrific to discuss the JSA, Checkmate, and keeping an eye on Luthor's everymen and Infinity Inc.

    Week 25, Day 4.

    Oolong Island.

    Will Magnus refuses to build a plutonium robot for Intergang, despite the pleading of Dr. T.O. Morrow. Magnus reveals that he is taking antidepressants to curb the rage with which he made the first Plutonium robot, and never wants to make another one.

    Bruno Mannheim arrives on the island and is escorted inside a building, where he is met by Chang Tzu - a yellow egg-like creature that looks terribly like Egg Fu, only lacking the moustache. The two discuss weaponry, and what the scientists have been developing - something named "The Four Horsemen."

    Plus: The Origin Of Nightwing with George Perez


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    This is another one of the so-so issues of this series.  I do understand the need for these to fill in the plot points that are being developed but here this means that the series has hit a bit of a lull.  This issue deals with a few different plot lines - the establishment of Intergang, the first appearance of the Black Marvel Family in North America, Ralph Dibny and Helmet of Fate examining the story of Felix Faust, Infinity Inc.'s newest member, the establishment of a new Checkmate and the ga...

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