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    52 » 52 #18 - Dismantled; The Origin of The Question released by DC Comics on September 6, 2006.

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    Week 18, Day 1.

    The House of Mystery.

    Tim Trench is found wearing the helmet of Nabu, but liquifies the moment he is touched.

    Week 18, Day 2.

    Shiruta, Kahndaq.

    Black Adam and Isis present Question with the Order of the Crescent, the highest honour Kahndaq bestows to non-citizens. They wish to bestow one upon Renee Montoya as well, but she doesn't show up - feeling far too guilty for shooting the young suicide bomber.

    Insulted, Black Adam tracks Renee down and bursts through her wall - only to find her naked with another woman. Renee and Black Adam get into an argument, and Black Adam almost chokes Renee for her impudence. Isis stops him, and he flings Renee away. Question manages to get everyone focused once again, and they all decide to go after Intergang.

    Week 18, Day 3.

    Marseilles, France.

    Detective Chimp has tracked down Ralph Dibny and carries with him the helmet of Dr. Fate. Dibny tries to work out the mystery of why Tim liquified, who killed him and why he was wearing the helmet. Ralph decides that they must call a Shadowpact to truly decide what to do.

    Week 18, Day 4.

    Cincinnati, Ohio.

    It is the funeral of Booster Gold and almost no one has shown up. Clark Kent converses with Skeets, who tells him that Booster was no longer popular in Metropolis and so had to have his funeral in Cincinnati. The only people attending are third-rate heroes hoping for media coverage. Skeets suddenly discovers a person walking down the street who he believes is related to Booster. A quick scan shows a 100% DNA match, and Skeets tells the man to contact it later that night.

    Week 18, Day 7.

    Giza, Egypt.

    The Shadowpact comes together with Dibny, Chimp, Ragman, Nightmaster, Blue Devil,, Nightshade and Enchantress. Enchantress uses her powers of scrying to try to find clues within the helmet. As she does so, the helmet begins to communicate with Ralph, showing him images of a tenth age of magic. It tells him that Tim died because he did not do the rites and rituals that he had to before taking on the helmet. The helmet tells Dibny that it has the answers he seeks if he is ready to sacrifice everything and begin a magical journey.

    Dibny accepts and grabs the helmet, getting into his car and driving off. It is revealed that the rest of the Shadowpact did not witness the helmet speaking to Dibny, and they wonder what came over him.

    Plus: The Origin of The Question with Joe Bennett.


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    The helmet was talking to him 0

    A lot of the issues thus far in this series have sort of gone with an information overload type of idea, which is not helped at times by jumping around too much between different locales.  Here though there is the same information overload but it is held together really well.  A large portion of the credit for this belongs to the introduction of the newest piece of the puzzle here - the Helmet of Fate.  With Ralph Dibny now on the case to discover its mystery things have gone off an interesting ...

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