52 #17

    52 » 52 #17 - Last Of The Czarnians; The Origin of Lobo released by DC Comics on August 30, 2006.

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    WEEK 17 features art by Chris Batista, Jack Jadson & Ruy Jose, and can be described in one word: Lobo! Plus, the origin of Lobo by Waid and Giffen!


    Week 17, Day 1.

    We see Lex Luthor's own Justice League in action against members of Kobra, and are introduced to the members.

    "From Gary, Indiana -- Erik Storn -- whose claws seem capable of slicing through anything they touch..."

    "From Manchester, Alabama -- Eliza Harmon -- a dynamo of speed..."

    "From Gotham City the very first subject of the Everyman Project -- Hannibal Bates -- able to morph into any form..."

    "From Los Angeles -- Gerome McKenna -- a super strong centurion..."

    "From Oklahoma City -- Jacob Colby -- who can ride the winds..."

    "...And from our very own Metropolis -- the niece of John Henry Irons -- Natasha Irons -- a living beacon of light!"

    Lex Luthor and his team review the footage. Luthor decides that they need a team name, and other team members suggest code names and new uniforms. Clothed in purple and green, McKenna says "We looked like Fruits." Luthor is promoting his team tirelessly, with photoshoots and morning shows and interviews lined up with all of them.

    Luthor catches Eliza Harmon doing drugs and snaps at her. Eliza reveals that she needs them because ever since she got her powers of super speed she just can't slow down. Eliza gets into an altercation with her team members and Luthor, and is suspended from the team.

    Week 17, Day 2.

    Starfire is using her powers to clear the way through a debris field for the spaceship. Animal Man and Adam Strange manage to land the ship on an asteroid, and Starfire joins them after getting smashed in the face with a space rock. Though Adam Strange is blind, he reveals that he has managed to patch into the system of the ship and use it's navigation in order to "see." Suddenly they are attacked by Devilance, who has not given up his pursuit. Devilance is about to run them through with his weapon until he suddenly stopped.

    It turrns out that Devilance has fallen into a trap set for Lobo - and who should show up but Lobo himself? Starfire approaches Lobo, who makes lewd gestures at her and rips off her already skimpy top. Starfire gets Lobo to help them by tricking him into believing she has a great deal of money.

    Lobo hitches the spaceship to his spacecraft, and begins to tow them out.

    Week 17, Day 7.

    The head of Red Tornado, repeating 52 over and over again is found by some Aborigines in the Australian outback.

    Plus: The Origin of Lobo with Keith Giffen


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    After the last issue which was a standout, the focus here shifts back the gradual unfolding of the plot.  The action focuses on three of the sub-plots.  The first is the first public appearance of Lex Luthor's team of heroes.  While they were successful in their first mission it is clear that Lex is pulling the strings and dissension builds in the team.  The second part was the most substantial part of the issue and looked at the heroes lost in space.  Tension is already high between them before...

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