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Celebrate the nuptials of Black Adam and Isis in WEEK 16, illustrated by Joe Bennett & Ruy Jose! Plus, the origin of Black Adam by Waid and J.G. Jones!


Week 16, Day 1.


The orphan children that Isis saved from slavery have planted a garden in her honour. She notices there is a bare spot and offers to plant it herself, but is told that it should remain empty until the day that Isis finds her brother, Amon. Kneeling in front of Isis and all of the children, Black Adam presents Isis a diamond that once belonged to Cleopatra and asks her to be Kahndaq's Queen and his wife. Isis smiles delightedly.

Week 16, Day 6.

Elsewhere, Renee and Question have escaped from prison and are hiding out in a shipping container. It is the day of Black Adam and Isis' wedding, and no one is looking for them. Suddenly Renee realizes that the wedding is the perfect target for Intergang, and she and Question rush off to stop it.

The Palace. Mary Marvel tries to get Isis to change her mind about marrying Black Adam. Mary reminds Isis that Black Adam has killed a lot of people and has been psychotic in the past, but Isis is in love and will have none of it. Isis asks that if Mary hates Black Adam so much, why would she agree to be her maid of honour? Mary says that it is because Captain Marvel asked her to be, because he thinks that Black Adam can change. Mary, however, is not so sure.

In Black Adam's room, he and Captain Marvel are talking. Black Adam is nervous about the wedding, and thankful that Captain Marvel has agreed to preside over the wedding ceremony so that Black Adam can start his own Marvel family.

Renee and Question move through the city, trying not to get caught. Renee sheds light on the presence of so many boxes of rat poison (Week 15). It turns out that rat poison is an anti-coagulant, and suicide bombers coat their shrapnel in it so that their victims will bleed to death. Renee realizes that Intergang is not trying to take down Black Adam and Isis, but the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of them.

Captain Marvel Jr., Tawny and Uncle Dudley are attending the wedding, which is taking place in the sky above a crowd of well-wishers. Isis and Mary Marvel swoop down to join Captain Marvel and Black Adam and the ceremony begins.

In the crowd below, Question and Renee are trying to find the suicide bomber.

The Marvels yell out Shazam, and the union of Black Adam and Isis is blessed by the seven virtues of man.

Renee spots the suicide bomber, a very young woman in a green cloak with a backpack.

The wedding vows of Black Adam and Isis begin.

Renee pushes through the crowd, trying to reach the suicide bomber before she explodes.

The bomber takes out her trigger and begins her prayer - Renee has no choice. Removing the futuristic gun from her purse, she takes the shot just as the lightning harkening union of Isis and Black Adam bursts forth.

The crowds cheer as Black Adam and Isis kiss and are one, and in the crowds the suicide bomber lies dead.

That night, as Black Adam and Isis consummate their marriage, janitors wash the blood of the young woman from the tiles in the square.

Week 16, Day 7.

Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire have finally gotten their ship working, and launch from the planet of Devilance the Pursuer into outerspace.

Plus: The Origin of Black Adam with J.G. Jones


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Although this series has been entertaining thus far and generally well written, this is really the first standout issue of the series.  The story here focuses around the wedding of Black Adam and Isis.  While that part was handled well enough it was not really the main focus here.  The main focus instead lies on Renee and Vic.  That Renee figured out there was going to be a suicide bombing based on the fact that there was rat poison in the Intergang compound was quite clever.  The difficult choi...

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