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    52 » 52 #12 - Mighty; The Origin of Wonder Woman released by DC Comics on July 26, 2006.

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    Week 12, Day 1.

    Gotham City.

    Renee and Question realize that the only way that they can stop Intergang is to cut them off at the source. As Renee ponders what the source of the weapons and people that Intergang is moving, one location keeps recurring in her mind. Renee and Question decide that the location is undoubtedly Kahndaq, and that they will travel there.


    Adrianna tries to change Black Adam's mindset, and turn his sights from fighting superheroes and villains to helping his people. Adrianna tells him that his coalition can only lead to war, and that he should give it up to do good within his own country. Black Adam reveals that he's only done good because Adrianna has suggested it to him. Black Adam takes Adrianna to a shrine, where the statue of his long-dead wife and sons stands. Black Adam opens up a passageway that leads them down to the Rock of Eternity, where a crazed Captain Marvel stands guard.

    Black Adam reveals to Captain Marvel that he wishes to bestow powers upon Adrianna and to invite her into the Marvel Family using one of Shazam's amulets.


    Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) returns to her apartment only find Ralph Dibny sitting on her couch. Dibny asks Cassie why she and her cult stole his wife's clothing. Cassie reveals that they stole it because they need connective objects in order to bring Sue Dibny back to life. Dibny, overwhelmed by emotion, asks Cassie to let him help.

    Rock of Eternity.

    Black Adam reveals that the amulet belonged to Egypt's most powerful goddess, Isis, and that if Adrianna takes it she will be bestowed with all of her powers. Captain Marvel finds her worthy, and in the end Adrianna accepts the amulet and activates her powers by saying "I AM ISIS!" Isis and Black Adam decide to start a crusade in order to help the people of Kahndaq, after they find Isis' brother.

    The Origin of Wonder Woman.


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    Without the backup stories dealing with the history of the Dc Universe, there is more room in these issues now for the stories related to the series.  The action here mostly revolves around Kahndaq, either Renee and Vic deciding that they need to travel there to pursue their next lead, or the look at the country itself with Black Adam in charge.  This is provides the most important development in the series, the introduction of Isis as she takes over who Adrianna was.  The plot here was handled ...

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