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Week 11, Night 5.

Washington, DC.

Ralph Dibny attacks a gang of children wearing Cult of Connor buttons. He rips them off their clothing, demanding answers until he realizes how young they are and how crazy he is acting. Dibny reveals that the Cult stole his wedding ring. After the kids run away, Dibny receives a phone call from his storage service in Opal City, telling him there's been a burglary.

Week 11, Day 6.

Gotham City.

Question and Renee Montoya set up a meeting in the park with Kate Kane. Kane reveals that her family does indeed own the property at 520 Kane St., but that it was rented out, until six weeks ago, to a Ridge-Ferrick Holding in Gotham. Question says the timing was right, and both leave to investigate, leaving Kane wanting answers.

Question finds a file on Ridge-Ferrick that shows it is connected to one of Intergang's spearhead companies, HSC International Banking. Question and Renee decide to investigate Ridge-Ferrick to confirm if they're still moving people and equipment. Unbenownest to them, they are being watched by Batwoman.

Later that night, Question and Renee break into the headquarters of Ridge-Ferrick, where they are attacked by a monstrous werewolf. The beast subdues them and turns back into a man, revealing that he is Abbot, the henchman of HSC's leader - A'Daire. A'Daire leaves a gang of were-animals to finish off the pair, but they are rescued by both Renee's futuristic gun - and the convenient appearance of Batwoman.

Week 11, Night 7.

Opal City.

Ralph Dibny goes to inspect what has been stolen from his storage. The symbol of the Cult of Connor has been painted on the door, just as it was painted on his wife's grave. Dibny can't figure out what's been stolen...

In a shrine of the Cult, a straw effigy of Sue Dibny has been created, wearing stolen clothes and her husband's wedding band. Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) and the other members of the Cult stand around it in deep meditation and prayer.

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