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    52 » 52 #1 - Golden Lads & Lasses Must... released by DC Comics on May 10, 2006.

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    After the INFINITE CRISIS and before One Year Later, the DCU spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. A year in which those heroes were needed more than ever as the fate of the world hung in the balance. Who stood up in their absence? And who sat out? The story of DC's most eventful year ever can now be told as four of the hottest writers in comics - Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid - deliver an unprecedented weekly tale of death, danger, romance, intergalactic terror and the never-ending, universal meaning of heroism. Joined by storyteller Keith Giffen and cover artist J.G. Jones, 52 features art for the first month by Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, and Jack Jadson. Also, starting in Week #2: 'The History of the DC Universe,' a 10-part backup feature by Dan Jurgens and Art Thibert that takes you on a tour through the legendary past of the DCU. 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman...but not a year without heroes.

    Week 1, Day 1-4

    Ralph Dibney sits in his completely destroyed house and takes stock of his losses as he talks about the upcoming funeral of his wife Sue. Renee Montoya sits in a bar and gets drunk. Steel searches the debris in Paris looking for survivors.

    Week 1, Day 5

    Booster Gold, in his sponsor-filled uniform, uses Skeets' knowledge of the present to capture and defeat an unsuspecting Mammoth. Afterwards he takes time for some photo ops with some kids who are worried that Wonder Woman is dead. He tells them that he has seen the future and knows there is nothing to worry about. Then he puts one foot on Mammoth and shills Soder Cola because “sometimes even superheroes get thirsty.” Skeets tells him to hold the smile back because the public is still saddened by the recent loss of Superboy. So, Booster plays it up and even sheds a tear but he is in too good of a mood to really dwell on it. He knows that tomorrow he is going to be asked to be part of the Justice League roster.

    Meanwhile, Ralph sits on a bed at the Ambassador Hotel chewing mints. He listens to his cell phone messages and, contemplating suicide, he places a nickel-plated .45 caliber hand gun in his mouth. As a tear rolls down his face, a message from the cemetery reports that someone left a message on his wife's tombstone.

    In Paris, Steel confronts his niece, Natasha Irons, because she is going to meet the Teen Titans instead of helping Steel with the relief work in Paris. Unbeknownst to her, Steel had set up her armor to explode by remote control. He quickly dismantles her armor, tersely informing her that she hasn't earned her armor or her role as a hero yet; if she wants her armor back, she can rebuild it herself.

    In the land of Kahndaq, Black Adam tells his people that they have a new mission but is interrupted by a suicide bomber. Adam grabs him and rips off one of his arms, telling the failed suicidal assassin that he has three more chances to tell him who planned the attempt.

    Week 1, Day 6

    Doctor Sivana is watching TV when interrupted by some yet-unidentified creatures.

    Back in Metropolis, the rest of the surviving superheroes are getting acquainted and figuring out the death toll. Booster Gold is excited because this is the moment he believes he will be asked to join the Justice League. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman don't show. Booster starts to panic, constantly checking with Skeets for historical information. Skeets soon shuts down and falls to the ground. Booster becomes crazed and starts yelling at Jimmy Olsen to take the photo of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Other people and superheroes try to grab him and restrain him. Booster ends up elbowing Clark Kent in the nose, as he says “Booster, they're not coming.” Booster asks him how he knows, and Clark just says, “I just know, and I'm sorry.”

    Week 1, Day 7

    Gotham City. The Question removes the bat from the bat signal and spray paints a question mark on it. He turns on the searchlight, aiming it at a drunk Renee Montoya's apartment window. Montoya's is furious, not really comprehending that the backwards question mark is not the typical bat signal. Als she can howl out in a drunen rage is that the signal should be aimed at the sky.Notes

    "Tomorrow is the defining moment of the century and I'm gonna be part of it."

    -- Booster Gold


    The splash page on story pages 18-19 has two, as-of-yet unidentified characters.

    1. She is standing to the left of Shift, wearing a purple and red outfit with yellow gloves/boots.

    2. He is seen talking with Ray and Manhattan Guardian. He has a blue top/mask and white pants.

    Can someone identify them?



    none of this issue.

    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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    For a 52 part series, this issue gets going just about how you would expect.  With so much time for plot development, there is no need to crowd the issue here, and instead this series looks to pick up from where Infinity Crisis left off while shooting off in a few new directions.  The main characters of the series are mostly all introduced - Booster, Renee, Black Adam, Elongated man and Steel.  the plot involving them is more introductory than anything, though a few interesting developments do o...

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    Not the Entry Point It Wants To Be 0

    52 Starts as a big messy event.I finally got around to reading the first issue of DC's big event series 52 which was supposed to be the kickoff for a 'New 52' DC titles. I have to say it really didn't feel either epic or particularly new and innovative. And definitely not very new reader friendly.The story begins after a massive cataclysm of some sort (presumably the events of Flashpoint?) where the villains of the DC universe united and pretty much ran roughshod over everything. Shazam!'s villa...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    DC Action: 52 Week 1 0

    After Reading 52 in full I realized that the first issue is one of my favorites. Right in the opening we get to see some quality Booster Gold. I liked the character before reading this but reading 52 in full make me like him even more. They really take his narcissism to another level in this comic. It kind of exposes a flaw in the character. He never seems to care to much about what's going on until it's too late.He's always so worried about promoting himself and people knowing who he is. I foun...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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