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All Ronins in one man´s hand

This was a fitting end for a most original and interesting series - the conclusion of the 5 Ronin lies in the hand of a fool, a man betrayed a long time ago by the Daimyo, that now seeks revenge like his other brothers Ronin - the idea of a circle, of the end of a quest is very strong in this series, that in every end there´s a new beginning and that for some there´ll never be peace again or a new road - it was interesting seeing the 5 characters reunited in this issue, proving that Deadpool (as important and popular as he can be) is only important for the kill and that´s it (sorry Pool´s fans) - even in his own title, he appears less than the other 4 Ronins and the Daimyo - but I´m only picking on the Pool´s fans, just kidding. I liked this initiative a lot, it was filled with great narrative, a story integrating all characters, good artists and fine dialogues, I only think that perhaps it would be better if instead of the Hulk they´d selected Elektra or Daredevi or even Ghost Rider. If you´re looking for something different from Marvel, still with our beloved heroes, check this out, it´s guarantee satisfaction.
4 out 5

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