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These all look great... a definite collectors items for those that like pretty consistent pretty things.  It is certainly a beauty if laid out on a table.. 
The Good: 
What I will mention here in this section is what made the book both work and not work at the same time: in particular, the way the story's resolution was handled.  But before I explain that in greater detail, let me say this.  This series' characterization of the 5 individuals has been spot on, and we get to see an even greater deal of that with Milligan's take on Deadpool.  Absolutely brilliant. Now going back to the "resolution" problem.  However, let me highlight what worked, since we are on "the good".  Because the characterization of each person was done so well, we get to see how they all tied together and their individual stories tie in (while it focuses more on some than others) and therefore begin to make more sense.  Like pieces to a puzzle, if you will.  That's what worked, it allowed me to put all the pieces together and make sense, even if it was just a little, of all that was meant to happen in this miniseries. 
The Bad: 
What it really comes down too, I guess, is choosing the Deadpool story to come last.  It's not that it's altogether bad, but I'm just not pleased with how it ends.  It almost diminishes the entire plot line, making the ronin and all their sacrifices seem like a waste of time, since they've devoted most of their lives for this one particular task and it's taken from them in a very cheap, dissatisfying manner.  It is fitting in the way that it depicts how Deadpool comes in and ruins everything sometimes (not talking down on DP, I love the character, but you understand what I mean), but it just felt really flat and I kinda wish there was more.   
This is the kind of story that if it were made into a movie, you'd want to see and even prefer an alternate ending.  You'd wonder what the filmmakers were thinking when they wrote the ending and why they didn't stick with that awesome alternate ending they created.  All in all, however, this has been a very unique and fulfilling take on familiar characters, and I really wish we could see more of this in the future. 

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