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Way of the Samurai

When a man returns from war, cold and tired, and the feeling of joy is suddenly replaced by grief and anger, because the home that used to be just after the hill no longer stands there, and the family that used to nurture him and make him human is no longer alive, there´s only one thing left for this man: killing. This japanese version of Frank Castle is so much like him, constantly thinking and trying to prove to himself that he´s on a righteous path, that he´s not doing the killing spree just for the pleasure of the hunt, always trying to prove to himself that he´s right - also I really enjoyed the character´s captions, because they were made just as the same of the real Punisher (a black box), that´s very good because I´m not liking these shuddering ballons of dialogues, I don´t know why Caramagna decided to go for this kind of letterer and ballons. I was very impressed of how Milligan was able to make a perfect adaptation of Punisher to this japanese world, even making the slaughter of his family very true to Japan´s culture - he did a lot of research and apart from some strange dialogue that don´t fit the culture or the time period, his writing is awesome, especially when it comes to telling the body count that Castle is leaving behind him. Laurence Campbell did a good job too, it´s not the most perfect art, it felt just like a mix of David Aja and Alex Maleev, but it was very good. I´m enjoying this Ronin series and I recommend it.
4.5 out 5

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