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A Great Samurai Tale

Pretty simple cover.  I am still a bit confused about these covers, however.  When I walked the aisles of my local CBS, I thought I saw the more colorful covers, but neither of them say variant edition, so at this point, I'm unsure which is the main cover and which is the alternate.  Regardless, they are both really cool.  As far as collecting goes, it would look better if one was to collect the issues with the white covers that have the names of the five different ronin represented in the series. 
The Good: 
This is the best of this series so far.  I know that they are coming out weekly, so it's definitely a great treat if you're a big fan of samurai tales, but out of the three out so far, this one has been my favorite.  I must say too that the idea of samurai equivalents of our favorite superheroes is great.  Obviously, I'm slightly biased since I really dig Punisher, but comparatively, this issue does the best job at paralleling the modern character with the ancient history.  Though the action is not overflowing in every panel, it is gracefully handled within these pages, so it's just a really cool concept. 
The Bad: 
There wasn't anything bad with this issue perse that I can think of.  I guess the only thing would be that these stories do not, at least for now, seem to have a correlation with each other.  Think of them as five one-shots with the ideology of the ways of the samurai in common.  That is really the only thing these issues have that's similar; apart from that, they're all self-contained stories.  So if that's not what you're looking for, be forewarned that's what this series delivers. 
This is a must have if you are a big fan of all tales having to do with samurai and ronin.  It's got terrific storytelling and it has done a great job at giving us the samurai version of the modern marvel characters.  A truly great read and i'm looking forward to the Psylocke and Deadpool takes on them.  

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