47 Deadman Talking » 6 issues

    Volume » Published by Artsteady. Started in 2013.

    This is an horror/commedy story that mixes Italian folklore, zombies and pop culture.

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    In a very near future the world is in ruin, due to an epidemic that has decimated entire cities, killing millions of lives and leaving few survivors alone, in a planet ravaged, infested by undead. Some call they zombies, some others ghouls and someone in Italy call them "mammozzi".

    47 Deadman Talking (47 DMT) is a horror story with a lot of gore and humor. Our main inspirations are films like Zombieland and the multi-awarded tv/comic series Walking Dead. But this is not only a common zombie story, 47 DMT has it's unique flavour with a whole new point of view, lot of beautiful Italian landscapes, funny dialogues with black humor. We also created our own zombie universe with it's own coherence and structure.

    In our story everyone can die, starting from the narrator.

    His name is Pierluigi Pignatelli and he is dead. However he will tell us the story of our main protagonists, making ironic comments and revealing their inner thoughts.

    Artsteady, the team behind this project is a heterogeneous group of people, mostly italian but not only. We're also professional artist working for several publishers such as Zenescope, Aspen Comics, but we also have some guests like Vincenzo Cucca and Pasquale Qualano, both had worked for Marvel Comics and now are successful artist for main series in Aspen Comics.

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