300: Rise of an Empire

    Movie » 300: Rise of an Empire released on March 07, 2014.

    The sequel to the war film 300.

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    It's been a long time since I've had time to actually enjoy a movie as much as I enjoyed the second installment of the movie 300. A lot of trailers have gotten my hopes up and upon seeing the film my expectations have been absolutely shattered. A good example of this would be Thor: The Dark World and 47 Ronin. Both of these movies had awesome trailers which gave off the wrong message, considering that Thor was advertising itself as a serious movie when in reality it was just a compilation of com...

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    THIS. IS. SPARTA! ... well not really 0

    Disclaimer: This will have massive spoilers. You've been warnedSo the movie that feels like it should have came out 3 years ago is finally here! I was pretty excited for it myself. While not a great example of story telling the first 300 was a thoroughly enjoyable film combined awesome visual action with some all-time great one liners. I mean come on, how many people have not seen a 300 inspired meme? They are so many great lines in that film, even if they are cheesy.For starters, 300: Rise of ...

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    Strong Visual Do Not Hide the Hollowness of this pre-side-sequel 0

    A Tidal Wave of Heroes Blood300 Rise of an Empire wasn’t a sequel any one was particularly clamoring for. Except for those who made it, reaping $450 million gross on a $65 million budget. Empire isn’t a terrible film, operating as any sequel dose, by rehashing what its forbearer did with the slightest of twist. Director Noam Murro correctly applies the aesthetics that turned 300 director Zack Snyder, here just writer and producer, into a commercial success. Other than a bit more CG b...

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