21st Century New World Order

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    Assembled by the High Evolutionary, through manipulations by Diablo, the 21st Century New World Order attempted to be a "new god" for the people.

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    After the Asgardian Gods were devastating during Norman Osborn's assault on Asgard and the Olympian Gods were in disarray following the deaths of Hercules and Zeus after the war with New Olympus, the High Evolutionary decided that the world needed a new God to lead them as the old pantheons had become irrelevant. Allying with Diablo, who he believed could help him understand the mystical elements of Godhood better, the two set out to create a new God. With the High Evolutionary's New Men mostly all slaughtered by Modred the Mystic, Crimson Dynamo and Ulik were recruited to help in High Evolutionary's cause.


    The 21st Century New World Order were created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Scot Eaton and first appeared in Iron Man/Thor #1.


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