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    20th Century Studios is an imprint of Marvel that focuses on established characters and franchises from the film studio of the same name.

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    In March 2023 Marvel announced 20th Century Studios as a new imprint to publish titles associated with the film studio, now owned by Marvel's parent company, Disney. In their announcement, Marvel indicated that the new imprint will focus on multiple movies and franchises from the 20th Century Studios film library. The first titles under the new imprint are Planet of the Apes, Alien, and Predator, which launched in April of the same year.

    List of Comics

    NOTE: Technically, the Alien and Predator issues released before April 2023 do not belong to this imprint, but are listed for a complete understanding of the reading order.


    2021Alien (1)12Bloodlines, Revival
    2022Alien Annual1Not collected
    2022Alien (2)6Icarus
    2023Alien (3)5Thaw
    2023Alien Annual1
    2023Alien (4)

    Planet of the Apes

    2023Planet of the Apes5Fall of Man
    2024Beware the Planet of the Apes4


    2022Predator (1)6Day of the Hunter
    2023Predator (2)5The Preserve
    2023Predator vs. Wolverine4

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