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The annual 100-page 'Prog'. Chronologically, the issue follows prog 1468. The stories continue in the first issue of 2006 (prog 1469).

Cover: Kevin Walker (the stars of 2000ad)

  • Droid Life (Cat Sullivan)
  • Judge Dredd - Class of '79 (John Wagner - Greg Staples)
  • Caballistics Inc. - Strange Bedfellows (Gordon Rennie - Dom Reardon)
  • Button Man databyte (art: Arthur Ranson)
  • Nikolai Dante - Devil's Deal (Robbie Morrison - John Burns)
  • Slaine - The Book of Invasions: Epilogue - Carnival (part 1) (Pat Mills - Clint Langley)
  • Sinister Dexter - Festive Spirits (Dan Abnett - Simon Davis)
  • Low Life - He's Making a List... (Rob Williams - Simon Coleby)
  • Judge Dredd - Straight Eye for the Crooked Guy (Robbie Morrison - Mike Avon Oeming)
  • The Ten Seconders - The American Dream (part 1) (Rob Williams - Mark Harrison)
  • Strontium Dog - A Shaggy Dog Story (part 1) (John Wagner - Carlos Ezquerra)

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